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American McGee does not mince words. On the eve of Microsoft’s announcement of their entry into China, McGee doesn’t just say Xbox One will fail in the country. He makes a lousy Top Five list about it.

In brief, these are his points:

  1. Xbox One is already readily available in China, thanks to online sellers. (I would add some brick-and-mortar retailers also stock them).
  2. The set-top box market in China is already saturated.
  3. Piracy.
  4. Microsoft is disconnected with the audience.
  5. The restrictions and censorship.

McGee ends hoping Sony didn’t try to jump in. Just a reminder; McGee moved to China years ago, so he definitely has 1st hand knowledge of what the market there is like.

Perhaps this explains the reticence the console makers had in announcing their plans for China, and it stands as a harsh counterpoint to the hype analysts and investors have raised about the opening up to the region. You can read McGee’s full post embedded below.

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