Kickstarter projects show no signs of slowing up in 2013 (and why would they, when people keep pumping money into them), and here’s the latest request for money in the form of Alice developer American McGee and his Chinese studio Spicy Horse (Alice: Madness Returns). They’d quite like $200,000 USD to finish up work on action-RPG Akaneiro, which has been in closed beta for a while but needs some extra funds to add some additional features and polish it up for release.

Akaneiro has the curious twin inspiration of “Japanese ink, watercolor and woodblock illustration” and the story of Red Riding Hood, but otherwise looks like the usual action-RPG formula (kill baddies, get loot and abilities, kill more baddies). It’ll be free-to-play on release, but there’s a whole section on the Kickstarter page about how this won’t just be a pay-to-progress type scenario.

“We will never apply prohibitive costs to core gameplay content or character progression. Nothing will be off limits to non-paying players,” the statement claims.

As usual, there’s a host of rewards on offer for each pledge tier. If you think you can squeeze a fully-paid trip to Shanghai into your busy schedule, then you might consider shelling out $10,000 USD for lunch with the development team.

Donate away, at the game’s Kickstarter page. The PC version is set to enter open beta later this month.

Peter Parrish

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