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Announced late last yearAmnesia: The Bunker serves as the latest horror project by SOMA and Amnesia developer Frictional Games. It also functions as the fourth installment in the Amnesia series, which began with Amnesia: The Dark Descent back in 2013. Earlier today, Frictional Games posted a new story trailer for Amnesia: The Bunker, which comes after a hefty collection of short gameplay trailers released over the past few months. While this latest trailer only lasts less than a minute and does not feature any gameplay, it does offer a glimpse into the game’s unsettling world and atmosphere.

The trailer starts off with an offscreen character saying that a group of officers blew the exit to the bunker the game takes place in. He informs the player about an escape plan, which involves blowing open the exit using dynamite and a handle detonator located in the arsenal. Right after he says this, though, an unknown monster appears and brutally murders him. As this happens, the trailer shows the hand of a creature reaching out of a hole in the wall.

Amnesia: The Bunker story trailer shows how it begins

The Steam page for Amnesia: The Bunker describes it as “a first-person horror game set in a desolate WW1 Bunker.” Players assume the role of French soldier Henri Clément as he attempts to survive with little more than a revolver and a dynamo flashlight. Of course, he can pick up additional resources while exploring and craft useful items with them. Unfortunately for Henri, the game includes randomized elements and unpredictable AI, so he will truly have to adapt to survive.

While light on details, this new Amnesia: The Bunker should adequately prepare players further for its May 15 release date. Originally, the developers aimed to release the game earlier in the year, but a wave of illnesses among the team led to them delaying it.

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