Amnesia The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent takes me back to a time years ago, in the golden age of Let’s Players. The game was being played by every big name in the YouTube scene, and for good reason: Amnesia is a very good and very scary title. Now, so many years after its initial release, it’s about to get even scarier.

Frictional Games has recently detailed the upcoming hard mode being added to Amnesia. The mode will be added to all versions, with the team hoping to have it “out by the end of 2018.” There will also be an achievement added for completing the game on its new difficulty.

The screams are real

But what could a hard mode mean for a horror game? There’s no real combat in Amnesia, and there is no leveling, so how much harder could it be really? Very much harder, it turns out. Frictional shared some details for the upcoming mode. It sounds absolutely horrible.

In this mode, autosaves are disabled and manual saving costs a precious four tinderboxes. Should your sanity drop down to zero, you will die. There are less oil and tinderboxes scattered about in the game. Monsters also spot you more easily, hit harder, and worst of all, run faster. The most terrible addition hard mode brings, though, is this: there is no danger music when monsters are near. Your one tool for detecting monsters is now gone, and the likely-hood of turning a corner to find one is now at an all-time high.

Hopefully, the update can release as soon as possible. With the Halloween season almost upon us, there’s no better time to replay an old horror classic like Amnesia. Just take care to pace yourself. Take a break to look at cute animal pictures if you need it. No one will judge you.

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