Anger management: Rage gets a novelisation

Bethesda and Del Ray Books have announced that Rage, id’s upcoming shooter, will be getting a novelisation.
It, too, will be called Rage. Which means people will have to avoid confusing it with Stephen King’s 1977 novel about a school shooting.
Apparently, the book “delves even deeper into this world and its characters through the pen of Matt Costello – the same person who helped write the story for the game.” The “best and brightest” of the human race has been in stasis while the world collapsed, and are now trying to rebuild.
Excellently, Matt Costello is credited by Mobygames as a writer on Doom 3, The 7th Guest and Barbie Adventure: Riding Club. So he definitely has range.
Rage, the novel is due for release on 30 August in the UK. That’s about two weeks before the game is scheduled to come out.

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