Anno 1800 takes series back to the industrial 19th century

Anno 1800 takes series back to the industrial 19th century

Ubisoft have chosen Gamescom to announce Anno 1800, the latest in Blue Byte’s building and production series. As the name suggests, this latest title is going back in time again, away from the more recent futuristic offerings.

It’ll be set in the age of industrialisation and have you “navigat[ing] the rapidly evolving technological and malicious political landscape of the 19th century”. Diplomacy, trade, and warfare are all mentioned as pathways to victory; though a combination of all three is probably going to be necessary for success if Anno 1800 is anything like prior games.

Due for release this winter, this latest title promises a combination of beloved and new, innovative features. You can read more about Anno 1800 on the Anno Union page, where you can also sign up for behind the scenes development details and the chance to offer feedback. Currently, it looks like they’re running a vote on NPCs to include.

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    • Railbydefault

      Looks amazing! Looks like Anno. I’m sure it’ll be pretty solid game after all dlc(maybe before). The futuristic ones just looked way too “samey” and thinned for dlc. Nice point in history too.

      • rochyroch

        Yeah looks pretty good.