APB Beta In Weeks, Not Months

Realtime Worlds says that the All Points Bulletin (APB) closed beta will start within “weeks.”
Realtime Worlds Community officer Chris Collins told Eurogamer the team is “weeks rather than months away from starting closed beta,” and the beta registration has already opened.
APB is a subscription-free MMO by the creators of Crackdown and is very much in the style of GTA, with players able to cause havoc in a sinful open-world urban environment. It’s a battle between criminals and law enforcement with fame and fortune on offer, and one of the game’s more interesting focuses is customisation as it offers a very wide variety of looks, clothing, vehicles and even music.
The game is so far planned for the PC only, and is set to be released “early” next year by EA.
A tasty gameplay trailer and some cool screenshots have been released so far.