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We just finished the second Anniversary Collection event, but Respawn didn’t waste any time in preparing another event for the upcoming Switch launch of Apex Legends. The Chaos Theory Collection Event is themed after Caustic, and will add plenty more cosmetics, a town takeover, new game types, and in-game items to Apex Legends. Starting on March 9, you’ll be able to experience the new thrills and chills. Perhaps all that Nox Gas isn’t something to look forward to actually. The rest of the update is certainly exciting though.

We don’t usually get Collection Events so close together, but the Switch launch is a good reason to do another. This marks the long-awaited debut of Apex Legends on the popular Nintendo console and also presents new opportunities for PC players. You’ll now be able to play with friends no matter the platform. Plus, there’s a sweet Pathfinder skin you can claim if you own a Switch. Just download the game and link your accounts to receive a sleek, white and red skin.


The new location on the Kings Canyon map will be a popular new destination come March 9. The Water Treatment location has been remade and renamed as Caustic Treatment. Those two words don’t exactly jive in a positive way, do they? There’s now a chemical facility that somewhat resembles the original location, however, it now features plenty of gas tanks. Players can risk death by deploying the facility gas canisters to expose gold items. It will certainly be a risk worth taking as long as you don’t encounter enemies amidst the fumes.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event 1

Now featuring more death storms

The next noteworthy addition is the new playlist called Ring Fury Escalation. In this LTM takeover, you’ll need to worry about Ring Flares in addition to the normal closing Ring. The Ring Flares work in an inverse manner to the normal Ring. These will randomly crop up on the map and expand as matches progress. Fortunately, you’ll be able to counter them with a new item called a Heat Shield. And you’ll definitely want to master this new item, because the Ring Flares will grow more aggressive with each passing day of the LTM.

Heat shields are new permanent item which serve as bubble shields that protect players from Ring damage for a limited time. Heat Shields have a few interesting characteristics. For starters, you can store them in a new “survival” inventory slot for a maximum of two. Heat Shields will last as long as they are deployed within the zone, but Ring damage will begin to eat away at the item’s health. That means these will collapse over time and won’t last long in the powerful endgame rings. Still, these will make a huge impact on how Apex is played from here on out. Heat Shields not only protect players from Ring damage, but also speed up revives and and healing item use times. Expect to see new strategies implemented by enemy teams, and hopefully no exploits.

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The changes keep coming

Respawn is piling on a ton of changes to Apex Legends in the upcoming Chaos Theory Collection Event. You can expect more limited-time cosmetics that will be available to unlock or purchase along with a rewards track that can be filled up by completing daily challenges. Respawn didn’t list all of the cosmetics in the official blog post today, but we’ll gather everything up for you and have a separate guide on all of the new looks you can expect to acquire soon. There’s even a new heirloom for Bangalore that looks just as deadly as her.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event

Revenant skins continue to look utterly terrifying.

The Chaos Theory Collection Event and the coinciding Switch launch for Apex Legends also marks another opportunity for Respawn to implement more gameplay balancing and quality of life changes. Expect more info on that soon.

March 9 is just around the corner, so you’ll be gassing it up in no time. The Collection Event will run until March 23, so you’ll have a healthy amount of take in the sights and enjoy the toxic fumes. Check out our Caustic Legend guide if you want to learn how to use him to his fullest potential during his moment in the spotlight.

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