Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Skins

From February 9, Apex Legends players have been celebrating two years of the hero-based battle royale by taking part in the Anniversary Collection Event. The event boasts a whopping 31 free cosmetic items for players to earn. Unlocking all those free skins is taking a little longer than expected. So, in the spirit of giving, EA has announced that the end date of the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event will be extended for an additional week.

The new Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event end date is March 2 at 1 PM ET. The additional time should be more than enough for you to snag the 5,000 points required to unlock all the cosmetics on the Rewards Track. It will take you a lot longer to unlock the cosmetics from the Extended Anniversary Challenges. Fortunately, you have weeks to do that.


If you have no idea what the Anniversary Collection Event is or you are feeling lost trying to gather up all the free loot, check out our guide on how to unlock all the cosmetics.

But wait, there’s more

There are also 24 purchasable items for those after a red-themed recolor of some of the best skins from the past two years. If you complete the Rewards Track, you will only need to purchase 22 of these to get them all.

That’s when things get really exciting. If you unlock all 24 of the purchasable cosmetics from the event, you will be able to unlock an Heirloom of your choice. However, it’ll set you back over $200 USD if you do make all the purchases. You can bring that down a bit with some luck and by purchasing bundles. But still, you won’t catch me dropping that kind of cash for pixels on a screen.

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If you missed the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event trailer, you should check it out below. It’s highly entertaining.

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