Apex Legends Season 8 Fuse

Respawn Entertainment laid some important foundations for its popular battle royale during Season 7 that are sure to guarantee a continued streak of popularity for Apex Legends. The game now supports cross-play, availability via Steam, and Olympus is perhaps the best map yet. With that said, many are curious as to what could be next for Apex Legends in Season 8, but we now at least know who the next character is.

Fuse is a real ruckus-maker with a pension for explosive mayhem. That’s also a reference to the name of Season 8. We now have a theme, though this trailer doesn’t exactly spell out what Mayhem will mean when we dive in to next season’s content. For now we can focus on what we know about the latest character though, and there are a few official details in addition to leaks to discuss.


Rock on

Anyone that watches the trailer will quickly realize that Fuse is an Australian punk-rock type of guy. He got into trouble with authorities on his home planet of Salvo since an early age, largely thanks to his partner is crime. We weren’t able to catch her name, but they shared an interesting friendship dynamic that was tied to a golden grenade.

At any rate, Fuse finds his niche in the Bone Cage fighting pits and eventually decides to join the Apex games after Salvo becomes a part of Syndicate Space. This same news upsets his childhood friend though, who is now a powerful ringleader for the fighting pits. Fuse’s farewell ends in tragedy when his friend detonates the golden grenade in a fit of rage that blows off one of Fuse’s arms. In a moment of total badassery, Fuse shrugs off the incident and politely asks his former comrade to dispose of the severed limb, simply referring to it as a “lost cause” before departing for the Apex Games.

Some kinda boomer

Now that Fuse is the next official character in Season 8 of Apex Legends, we can lean into some datamined info about him that is also pretty obvious based on the reveal video. The Legend will feature a robotic arm that will likely offer some type of ability. Leaks suggest he will be able to fire a grenade from it, while his ultimate will be a type of cannon he can use to douse the battlefield in fire. No news on his passive ability yet.

Season 8 will also include another revision to the King’s Canyon map , as it is currently the least-preferred option out of the three maps. Aside from that, keep your eyes open for a new lever-action rifle. Season 8 will begin on February 2.

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