Many have complained that touch screen controls lack the precision required to enjoy games such as FPS’s when gaming on smart phones and tablets, and that complaint appears to be in the process of being addressed with a new patent from Apple having surgfaced recently.

The patent was filed in march and published three days ago on July 26th. The controller appears to be planned for use with practically every Apple device as the patent lists inputs between iPhones, iPods and Apple TVs. Since the controller is wireless the controller will connect to the various devices via RFID (Radio-frequency identification), it’s plausible that the device will also connect to the iPad.

As you can see in FIG. 6 below, the image portrays a controller which is currently very similar to Sony’s Dualshock controllers, although the actual product would likely be redesigned so not to look like a carbon copy before release.

FIG. 4 below then shows the Apple TV and the how the controller will be connected through wireless. Although the Apple TV has not been taken too seriously before as a gaming system, the ability to plug a controller in is at least a step in the right direction for Apple if they wish to enter into the living room orientated part of the gaming market.

Obviously since this is only a patent this doesn’t particularly confirm that Apple are releasing a controller, but it does mean they are considering it, so many Apple device owners might get an answer to their call for an option with more precise control.


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