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Best ways to farm XP for the Data Bank in Wuthering Waves

Data is more important than money.

Many aspects of Wuthering Wave need to be looked at closely. For example, understanding when to level up characters can be a great asset. Most things in the game about you need to be leveled up. One of those elements is the Data Bank. Knowing the best ways to farm XP for the Data Bank in Wuthering Waves might be in your best interest.

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Wuthering Waves: Best ways to farm XP for the Data Bank

The first thing to note is that to get XP you must kill monsters who drop Echoes. Since each monster type is ranked, that tier of monster will be added to your Data Dock which will earn you experience points. However, if you go after the same monster from the same rank, you won’t get any XP for that. So make sure you’re fighting monsters with ranks you have not found. You can check the tier by seeing what color they are. If you attack a monster in the common or green tier and you haven’t discovered it yet, you’ll earn 10 XP.  

As you get higher in the ranks, these creatures will become harder. So prepare yourself to know how to heal in the best ways possible. 

I suggest always looking for higher-tiered monsters to fight. This may mean you’ll have to grind a lot more, but it’s the best way I’ve found to increase your Data Bank level. On top of that, it’s the best way to increase your stamina whenever you claim a reward.

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How to level up the Data Bank

Now you know the best ways to get more XP, leveling up the Data Bank itself is quite easy. To get from Rank Zero to Rank One, you need in total of 30 XP. This means you have to find three monsters that are either different or in separate tiers, and each should give out 10 XP.

Wuthering Waves Data Bank
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It’s also important to note that each time you level up your Data Bank, the rarity of high-level monsters drops. Plus, the amount of XP changes. Just take a look at the values below. 

  • Rank Two rarity yields 10 XP
  • Rank Three rarity yields 10 XP
  • Rank Four rarity yields 15 XP
  • Rank Five rarity yields 20 XP

You should try getting 100 free pulls in Wuthering Wave. 

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