ARMA 3 new terrain debuts at E3

ARMA 3 new terrain debuts at E3

Bohemia Interactive will be showing off new ARMA 3 landscapes at E3 in just under a couple of weeks’ time.

New ARMA 3 terrain, part of a major expansion due for release in 2016, will be presented for the first time. The ARMA team are promising a “completely fresh experience” with new large-scale terrain, military vehicles, weapons, gear, characters, scenarios, and more.

ARMA 3 is not the only game that will be shown by Bohemia at E3; DayZ and Take on Mars will also be making appearances.

“Following in the footsteps of Chernarus and Altis, the new Arma 3 terrain is already shaping up to become one of the most compelling destinations in the series, and we can’t wait to show it for the very first time at E3″, said Bohemia Interactive’s CEO Marek Spanel. “Meanwhile, we also have exciting news to share about DayZ and Take On Mars, which – with the great support and patience from our players – are both working towards their next milestone in Early Access development.”

This will all be shown as part of the new ‘PC Gaming Show,’ which starts at 5pm Pacific on 16 June.

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    • 01PLeasant .

      I’m not holding my breath. While the current franchise offering may boast several amazing screen shots, the engine is considerably flawed and suffers from a decidedly cpu driven rendering system. The initial release and it’s subsequent dlc packages have been less than impressive and many within the community feel that our pleas to fix the unbearable number of bugs are falling on deaf ears. Having played the game since Armed Assault, I have logged literally thousands of hours with every release. Without the prolific input of an under appreciated modding community Arma 3 would have been an utter flop.