September 5th, 2017

Arma 3’s Helicopters DLC dated for November

Well, I’m scared.

Arma 3‘s second piece of premium DLC, Arma 3 Helicopters, will be lifting off on 4 November.

Arma 3 Helicopters introduces a pair of heavy-lift helicopters: the CH-67 Huron and the Mi-290 Taru, both of which are built for transporting cargo, troops, supplies, or light vehicles. Each will have a number of variants and setups allowing them to fulfil different roles, but their main purpose is for logistics.

Arma 3 Helicopters will launch alongside a free platform update which will hopefully make logistics and helicopters more of a focus. There’ll be a new Support multiplayer mode, which requires players to provide helicopter support in Sector Control scenarios. There’ll be ten VR training missions for helicopters, five helicopter Time Trials (four of which will only be available to those with the Helicopters DLC), the ability to sling load cargo, an optional RotorLib helicopter flight model (an updated version of the flight model from Take On Helicopters), the ability for vehicle passengers to fire their weapons while seated, and a load of new in-game objects for content creation.

Both Arma 3 Helicopters and the free platform update will be available on 4 November. Arma 3 Helicopters will cost £10.99, or can be purchased as part of the £16.99 DLC bundle.

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