Overwatch Ashe

Overwatch patch 1.30 is now out, and with it comes improvements, updates, and the game’s newest hero. Ashe, a damage-focused character, is available to play outside of PTR, and she is up for some rootin’ tootin’, cowboy shootin’.

Yes, Ashe – or Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe – is another gunslinger. Though some may fear a retread, considering she’s the second Western-inspired hero next to McCree, she brings at least one new feature to the table.

It’s true that at first blush, Ashe is a blend of traits taken from Overwatch‘s motley crew. Armed with her Viper rifle, she can fire from the hip or aim down sights to chunk away health from headshots. Her Coach Gun ability is similar to Lúcio’s Soundwave and can boop enemies away. However, it does dish out more damage at 90, versus Lúcio’s 25. Ashe can also use it like a rocket jump, propelling herself to new heights.

Overwatch Ashe Aim

Ashe can fire her Viper rifle at the hip or down sights for sharper aim.

You Got A Friend In Me

Her other powers, however, bring a new dynamic to the classic Overwatch gameplay. Ashe can chuck out a bundle of dynamite, which will blow after a few seconds. She can also shoot the dynamite out of the air or on the ground for an early explosion. Once popped, the dynamite catches nearby enemies on fire. This is a new change to Overwatch. It’s the first time fire damage has come into play, and it works similarly to other damage-over-time abilities.

Her ultimate, BOB, is the kind of friend we should all have. Charging like a rhino with its ass on fire, the android BOB bursts into a short dash, knocking opponents into the air. After that, he stands like Torbjörn’s stationary turret and fires his arm-mounted guns at anything that moves. BOB also has a unique feature. Unlike other combat ultimates that dish out massive damage, BOB acts like an additional hero. Due to his physical presence, he can hold or capture points even if Ashe dies.

Overwatch Ashe Bob

B.O.B., do somethin’!

The new patch does more than just bring Ashe to the battlefield. There are changes in store for some characters, including Mercy, Roadhog, Reaper, and Symmetra. My boy, the ‘Hog, got a blend of lovely buffs. The time to pull hooked enemies close has been reduced, and the cooldown for the hook is also decreased. Mercy has had her ultimate cost dropped by 15%, while Reaper’s life steal has increased from 20% to 30%. Go here for more on the patch.

Ashe is now available to play on Overwatch. However, she won’t be playable in competitive for a couple weeks, just in case some additional tweaks are needed before the big time. For more on Ashe, check out her official page.

Cameron Woolsey
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