Ubisoft shocked the world of gaming today, announcing that bears enjoy defecating in wooded areas and that Patch 5 for Assassin’s Creed: Unity will be delayed.

Update 20 February: It’s out now. Rest of the original story follows …

Already released on Xbox One and PS4, the fifth patch for Ubisoft’s technically troubled title was expected (and scheduled) for release today on PC. Players were also expecting some dedicated PC patch notes, as the ones released to date seemed to only be console-focused.

Instead, 19 February came and went (in several time-zones,) and Ubisoft community staffer had to sheepishly announce on the game’s forums that PC patch 5 for Assassin’s Creed: Unity had met a “small unavoidable delay.” He added that the patch is still “expected to be release[d] soon,” but didn’t (and most likely couldn’t) elaborate on what “soon” might actually mean.

The twitter account for Assassin’s Creed: Unity wasn’t any more helpful, suggesting, likewise, that more news would be available “soon.”

There are still quite a few hours left in the Pacific US timezone for the patch to still appear on 19 February, but Friday (or later) is looking like a better bet.

Thanks to a lack of PC patch notes, it’s not really known what sorts of performance and optimisation tweaks Ubisoft has made to the game with this update. However, it is known that all of the Companion App and Initiates requirements for chests, outfits and the like will be removed.

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