Asymmetrical multiplayer horror Daemonical coming to Early Access

Asymmetrical multiplayer horror Daemonical coming to Early Access

A new multiplayer horror title called Daemonical from developer Fearem will shortly be heading into Steam Early Access.

In this game, you find yourself on a remote uninhabited island with four others and one of you has the chance to become a demon who will attempt to slaughter the rest of the group. After taking part in an unfinished demonic ritual, it’s up to the players to find missing ritual components, return them to the altar and survive the night while avoiding the demon.

The demon cannot be killed but it can be slowed down or injured with the use of weapons and the human characters are played in first-person. The Demon, on the other hand, is played in third-person and simply needs to finish off the humans. It’s up to the human players to decide whether to stick together or go it alone making it harder for the demon to find them.

A nifty feature comes into play when you die. Dead players take the form of a glowing floating ball of light and can hover around the map helping the players that are still left alive by lighting the way. As a ball of light players can also help find the demon or lead the other players back to their body to be revived.

The game will include positional voice comms and procedurally generated levels which could make it quite interesting. Think of it as scary hide and seek experience.

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    • samplerico

      Another over the top indie horror buggy mediocre game. Great! We never have enough of those.

      • Paul Younger

        Need to give it a chance, but I get where you are coming from. There are some gems that make it through though.