Atomic Heart: Polygon 8 Testing Ground guide

Atomic Heart Polygon 8 Testing Ground Guide

Players looking to get the most out of their weapons will need to unlock the recipes to upgrade them. These upgrades can transform a weapon from mediocre to unstoppable, so it’s important to unlock them on your journey. Most weapon upgrades can be found in the various testing grounds found throughout Facility 3826. Here’s our guide on how to complete Polygon 8 Testing Ground in Atomic Heart.

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Polygon 8 Testing Ground: Atomic Heart guide

Polygon 8 is one of Atomic Heart‘s more complex testing grounds. It can be found at the Computational Center in the northwest of the map close to the Monorail where you first arrived in Facility 3826.

Testing Ground 8 is located down an elevator inside the Computational Center. The elevator has three lights above it that all need to be lit up in order to be activated. Each of these lights can be turned on by using the cameras in the surrounding area.

Getting inside

You can find a station tower on the road that leads to the Computational Center. Climb up this tower and hack the camera system. Access the camera furthest away from the tower next to the Computational Center and select the prompt that appears to activate the first light.

For both the second and third lights, you need to access the terminal found on top of the Computational Center. Select the top-right camera and open up the terminal building for Hawk 02. Afterward, a second prompt should appear near the terminal. The prompt is actually for a hidden button in the tunnel below, but you can activate it through the floor with this camera.

Atomic Heart Polygon 8 How To Open Elevator Three Locks

The location of the three prompts needed to activate the elevator. Screenshot by PC Invasion

The final light can be activated at the same terminal on top of the Computational Center. This time, access the camera at the top left of the map and the prompt will appear. Activate the prompt as you did previously, and the elevator will be ready to ride.

Head to the elevator inside the Computational Center, as all three lights should now be lit. Walk inside and press the button to descend. Once you’ve descended, you’ll be in the main facility and ready to take on the Polygon 8 Testing Ground in Atomic Heart.

Bronze Chest

The Bronze Chest puzzle is simple enough, requiring you to jump across a few magnet platforms. To begin, use Shok on the ceiling magnets to raise up the platform in front of you. However, you don’t want to move onto the platform in front of you. Instead, jump onto the railing to your right and then jump and dash to the magnet platform on the right-hand side of the room that was lowered when you used Shok.

Atomic Heart Polygon 8 Bronze Chest Platforming

Screenshot by PC Invasion

When on the magnet platform jump and dash again onto the metal platform directly in front of you. Sticking to the right side of the room, jump again this time to the raised square platform directly ahead. Now use Shok on the ceiling magnets and jump across to the magnet platforms. Climb these platforms and make your way through the door.

After heading through the door, you should hear the Bronze Chest chiming away. Follow this sound to reach the chest and open it to unlock the Zvevzochka – Lower Black with Reflex Booster. You have completed the first section of the Polygon 8 Testing Ground in Atomic Heart.

Silver Chest

The Silver Chest room here is very easy. You’ll emerge into a large hydraulics testing chamber where a variety of enemies will ambush you. Either defeat or make your way past these enemies to the opposite side of the room.

Polygon 8 Silver Chest Platforming

Screenshot by PC Invasion

There will be a large green container that you can climb up and then jump across from to reach the exit door. Walk through the door and follow the hallway to find the Silver Chest. Looting the Silver Chest will unlock the Fox – Lightweight Titanium Blade and the Dominator – Vortex Inducer. You can now proceed to the final puzzle room of the Polygon 8 Testing Ground.

Gold Chest

The Gold Chest is by far the most difficult to complete. Start out by making your way across the large room by jumping across the hanging platforms in front of you. Then go through the door and look around until you find a room with polymer fluid inside. Swim through the polymer fluid and then fall down the hole in the middle of the room.

At the bottom of this hole, you’ll see a door with five empty candle slots. You need to pick up candles off the floor and place them into these slots. Unfortunately, the candle slots are slightly too high to just place the candles into them, so you’ll have to throw them in instead. Once all five candle slots are filled, hit the button in the room next door and proceed through the door before it shuts.

Atomic Heart Polygon 8 Gold Chest Candle Puzzle

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Through the door, you’ll find the hardest part of Atomic Heart‘s Polygon 8 Testing Ground. Thankfully, there’s a trick to speed up this section by skipping the first half. Navigate to the scaffolding in the room on the left and jump across to the filled candle slot in the other room. You can reach this candle by jumping off the fences.

Don’t take the candle yet. Instead, you should see a series of steel ledges sticking out of a large metal box. Jump to these ledges and use them to make your way up to the top of the box. Once on the box, use telekinesis to retrieve the candle and the box will start to move.

Atomic Heart Polygon 8 Gold Chest Platforming Skip

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once the box starts moving, look behind you to spot several yellow beams attached to the far wall. You need to time a long jump and dash to these beams as the box moves. This can be tricky and potentially fatal, so it might be worth saving beforehand if you’re worried about losing progress.

Assuming you made the jump, the hard part is now over. To finish the Polygon 8 Testing Ground in Atomic Heart all you have to do is climb up the yellow beams, jump to the left to the nearby red beams, and then climb up and head through the final door. You’ll find the Gold Chest through that door which can be looted to unlock the MP – Revolver Type Bolt Frame and the Swede – Polymeric Alloy Extension.

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