Baldur’s Gate 3 will finally allow you to change your appearance in Patch 3

Baldurs Gate 3 Will Finally Allow You To Change Your Appearance Patch 3
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After spending hours in Baldur’s Gate 3’s character creation, you finally managed to create your perfect character! That is, until you start playing the game and realize you messed something up, or want to change something. Normally, you wouldn’t be able to change anything, and you’d have to stick with what you made. Luckily, Larian Studios listened to fans, and Baldur’s Gate 3 will finally allow you to change your appearance in Patch 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s Patch 3 introduces the Magic Mirror to change your looks

In the upcoming Patch 3 for Baldur’s Gate 3, players will be able to use a Magic Mirror, which will finally allow you to change your appearance. This mirror will be in your camp at all times, and you can change many parts of your appearance. Things like your looks, voice, and even pronouns are swappable.

In this post on Twitter/X from the Baldur’s Gate 3 account, the Magic Mirror is introduced with a GIF of your Tav (your character) gazing into it. The post specifies that the only things you can’t change are your race and body type, as well as your Origin character. This makes a lot of sense, seeing as your Origin and race alter the gameplay and story quite a bit. Now, you finally don’t have to rely on mods to alter your character’s appearance!

Baldurs Gate 3 Will Finally Allow You To Change Your Appearance Patch 3 Magic Mirror

Screenshot: PC Invasion

There’s still one mystery about this Magic Mirror. If you’re playing a companion as an Origin character, can you change your appearance? I’m going to guess no because the post specifically says Tav, which is your custom Origin character’s name. But we’ll just have to wait and see when the update releases.

But when is Patch 3 dropping? Well, it was supposed to arrive today, September 21, but Larian Studios announced in another post on Twitter/X that it delayed Patch 3 to September 22, just a day further. It even said it’s a big one, meaning there are probably more things coming that we don’t know about yet. It’ll be interesting to see what else is coming with this large patch. Stay tuned for more upcoming news.

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