Batman: Arkham Asylum PC To Support PhysX

Eidos has announced that the PC version of Batman: Arkham Asylum will support PhysX.If your NVIDIA graphics card supports PhysX, then you’re in for a visual treat. Corridors will apparently have volumetric fog that will react to Batman’s movements, cobwebs will tear as he walks through, and the much-vaunted FreeFlow combat will cause far more debris, with office papers and drink cans going flying. Wall tiles will chip and break, pillars will crumble, and there’ll be plenty of lovely particles in the air from breaking glass and shattering debris.Phwoar.You can take a look at two screenshots showing off the PhysX-powered Batman below, or have a look at our recent hands-on with the game. Don’t forget that there’s a demo out tomorrow, either, and the game itself is due 18 September over here on PC. If you’re planning on picking it up on console, however, then you’ve only got ’til 25 August to wait.

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