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Batman Arkham Knight - 02

The urge to say “pew pew pew pew” is, admittedly, pretty strong.

Part two of the Batman: Arkham Knight ACE Chemicals, er, “infiltration” series finds Batman using the Batmobile to blow up a bunch of drone tanks. I guess the infiltration cover has been kind of blown at this point.

If you missed the first part, that had more of Batman gliding about in the rain and punching henchmen and stuff. It’s also a lot more interesting.

This one is pretty much all shots of the Batmobile dealing with some of villain Arkham Knight’s “drone tanks.” Which I’m going to assume based on the name are unmanned tanks (giving Batman the perfect excuse to indiscriminately make them all explode.)

I guess the point of this one is to show the large range of weaponry hiding inside the Batmobile’s frame. It has some kind of gatling cannon, a longer ranged tank-esque gun and various missiles. Oh, and it can casually strafe to avoid incoming fire. Handy, but a bit close to being a toy commercial. Or World of Tanks, rather than Batman: Arkham Knight.

Apparently this is part two of three, so we can expect a conclusion to this little advert series later in December.

Batman: Arkham Knight is coming to the PC next June. Here’s the video.

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