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If you noticed a big fat (3.1GB) patch downloading for Batman: Arkham Origins last night, you may be wondering what the update actually includes. The game was troubled by quite a few bugs and glitches on its release, especially on PC, and Tim reviewed it accordingly. Warner Bros do appear to be making efforts to fix it up though, as this latest patch can attest.

So, here’s the latest bits of broken that they’ve patched over. I’m particularly fond of “Fixed Fatal Error on Press Start screen,” (quite handy!) although “Fixed Bird thugs not spawning” is quite funny out of context as well. Makes me think of Batman being mugged by Angry Birds. Then it makes me think of Batman beating up Angry Birds. Anyway, patch notes.

Batman: Arkham Origins PC Patch 2:

  • Disabled invalid collision object in Mad Hatter level, which was preventing some people from crossing the river
  • Fixed ‘secure area’ bug with Gotham Bridge.
  • Fix for Deadshot quest not completing properly.
  • Fixed Black Mask drug stash/chapter mixup that would lock away some drug canisters.
  • Added the ability to run NVidia Benchmark feature from Options Menu.
  • Fixed a crash at the end of Deadshot.
  • Issues with MyAlibi should be fixed.
  • Fixed Bird thugs not spawning.
  • Fixed Fatal Error on Press Start screen.
  • Fixed bug making it impossible to grapple in bridge
  • Fixed sequencer not working properly in Gordon’s office.
  • Fixed elevator that couldn’t be boosted in Bridge.
  • Fixed issue with elevator not going back to the correct position in Sewers.
  • Numerous other more minor fixes.
  • Implemented Benchmark feature for optimizing graphical settings.
  • Fix issue where saving the game could stomp on other save data
  • Added additional code to prevent ‘infinite falling’ states.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to grapple if they missed the helicopter in the Royal Hotel.
  • Fix for Bane not spawning again in FFC at start of the Prison level
  • Fixed the Bird side mission not starting properly
  • Immediately acquiring concussion detonator after using batwing now saves objective when fast traveling later
  • Added fix for not being able to get 100% because the Concept Art is measured out of 120 instead of the correct value of 80
  • Fixed another ‘infinite falling’ issue in GCPD
  • Fixed missing objective for Lacey Towers in certain scenarios
  • Fix for the player being locked behind a door by AI vs AI (user was stuck in Industrial District Enigma Tower)

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