Blizzard has now launched Battle.Net voice chat inside the client to get Blizzard gamers chatting.

The voice chat has been in testing for quite some time and it’s now available in the latest patch. Users can now create their own channels and get chatting. To use it, simply launch the client and click on the small user icon on the top right.




Patch 1.5.1



  • You can now create a channel to use voice and text chat with your friends.
  • To start a channel, use the “Create a Channel” button, or right-click your friends on the Friends List.
  • All channel members have permission to add or remove their friends from and channel.
  • Players can be dragged from the Friends List to channels to make adding individuals quick and easy.
Voice Chat

  • Blizzard Voice provides high quality voice audio and superior stability, all from the Desktop App you are already using!
  • A full range of audio settings allow you to customize your voice experience.
  • Additional controls in the chat channel allow you to individually mute and change player volume.


  • Send and receive URLS as clickable hyperlinks!
  • Users can now markdown text with bold, italics, strikethrough effects in chat. Here’s how to add the markdown:
    • Bold = ** or __ before and after the word/s you want to make bold.
    • Italics = _ before and after the word/s you want to make italicized.
    • Strikethrough = ~~ before and after the word/s you want to strikethrough.

Sounds & Notifications

  • Revamped the sounds and notification settings for the App.
  • All sound and notification settings have been reset to their defaults, and some will now be ON by default.


  • The icon in the upper left corner of the friends list now shows you your own in-game status as others will see you.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed various stability and performance problems with streaming.
  • Fixed some issues that would cause audio degradation in streams.


  • Fixed an issue that would prevent AltGr from functioning in browser windows.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash on startup.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause \”session expired\” errors when reconnecting after having logged in from another location.

Known Issues

  • Currently voice chat in App and Overwatch are separate systems, meaning it is possible to be in more than one voice channel at the same time.
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