DICE has revealed all five multiplayer modes from Battlefield 3, plus details of ‘hardcore’ and ‘infantry only’ options.
‘Deathmatch’ and ‘Squad Deathmatch’ are, I hope, self-explanatory for anybody who’s ever played a videogame. Meanwhile, ‘Rush’ is a mode where you form a Canadian rock band.
Wait, that was a lie. ‘Rush’ is actually an objective-based mode where attackers have to blow up M-COM stations and the defenders have to ask them nicely to stop. With guns. There will be a couple of tweaks from the version of this mode found in Bad Company 2, such as M-COM stations only being vulnerable to disarming (so no shooting them or using explosives from afar).
‘Squad Rush’ takes that idea and makes it “more intimate” (hey, those are DICE’s words, not mine). In this mode there are only two bases, with one M-COM station apiece; so holding or attacking them becomes pretty vital.
Finally, there’s ‘Conquest’, featuring large scale maps and all-out vehicle warfare. Huzzah.
All of the above modes can be tweaked with ‘Infantry Only’ (go on, guess what that option does) or ‘Hardcore’ options. Hardcore will apparently remove “external help from the game interface” and make flanking and ambushing more of a viable tactic.
For a more detailed breakdown of each mode of play, plus the player numbers allowed in each of them, visit the Battlefield blog at the source link below.
Source: blogs.battlefield.ea.com

Paul Younger
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