Battlefield Hardline

Now that the Battlefield: Hardline info has leaked all over the Internet, EA has opened a site for it and come clean about the next game in the franchise.

There’s no point pretending this game isn’t real so EA has announced that Battlefield: Hardline will be fully unveiled on 9 June at 12:OO PDT during E3. The reveal will be part of their usual hype extravaganza which can be viewed via their E3 site when the time is right.

You can also sign-up for a newsletter and then click all their social networking buttons for good measure on the new site.

Visceral Games’ VP Steve Papoutis has also decided to reveal the game in a new EA blog update and this is what he has to say:

“On behalf of everyone at EA and Visceral Games, I’m fired up to confirm our next project – Battlefield Hardline.  The game launches this fall and it’s a brand new series in the Battlefield franchise, set against the backdrop of a genre we all love – the war on crime and the battle between cops and criminals.”

“Several years ago, I was at an internal EA meeting in Barcelona with creative leaders from across the company. It was there I met Karl Magnus Troedsson, the GM of DICE, for the first time, and we immediately began talking about games – I’ve always loved Battlefield and KM was a huge fan of Dead Space, which I was working on at the time. We started talking about different ways we could work together, different ways we could take Battlefield and action games in a new direction. It was then that this project that became Battlefield Hardline was born.”

“There’s been a lot of buzz today about Battlefield Hardline – we’re getting ready for E3 and fans found some details on our website about what we’re working on for the show.  We’ve been reading all of your comments and we’re excited to be going into more detail soon on the ways we’re adding new twists and turns to the foundation of Battlefield multiplayer and more about how we’re bringing our strengths at Visceral to single player.”

Excited? After the disaster that was Battlefield 4 we’re not joining this hype train, but this isn’t DICE so it may just work out fine.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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