Rebellion’s Battlezone remake will apparently be adding some procedural elements to its single player campaign, and shows off the VR cockpit in this new video. Despite being all Playstation VR branded now, the Battlezone remake is still coming to PC, and still has the Oculus logo on its official site.

    According to the Rebellion blurb about this, “Whenever a player starts a new campaign, the game’s “Hex” campaign map is re-generated procedurally, and dozens of environments, levels and mission types are blended together in new combinations.” Some of those environments (various snowy, industrial, and neon hub worlds) are shown in the new trailer, which you can view below.

    You can also get a sense of what they’re going for with all the dials and panels inside the VR-friendly cockpit of the familiar Battlezone tank. Rebellion’s Jason Kingsley seems bullish about the newly revived technology, stating: “I think VR has an unfair reputation for just offering cool bitesize experiences, but we want to come out firing and deliver the kind of substantial content early adopters are crying out for.”

    As well as the trailer, there are some new screenshots showing the updated art style, and another, static, shot showing the interior of the cockpit.

    Peter Parrish

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