Best Baldurs Gate 3 Mods
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10 best Baldur’s Gate 3 mods

Character customization and gameplay mods galore.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a pretty gigantic game, which will make any modding community happy. You can find hundreds of unique, helpful, and immersive mods online that will enhance your experience with this Dungeons & Dragons video game. In no particular order, let’s explore the 10 best Baldur’s Gate 3 mods that you have to take a look at.

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10 best mods for Baldur’s Gate 3

Best Baldurs Gate 3 Mods Tavs Hair Salon

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Tav’s Hair Salon

Although Baldur’s Gate 3 has a wide selection of hairstyles, Tav’s Hair Salon, created by ‘Toarie’, adds an enormous amount of hairdos. All collected from other NPCs in the game, there are over 70 available hairstyles to choose from!

Yes, you’ll have to create a new character to access them, until Larian Studios makes an update to allow you to go visit a hairdresser. But creating a new playthrough just to have beautiful hair is so worth it.

Best Baldurs Gate 3 Mods Customizers Compendium

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Customizer’s Compendium

Are you not very impressed by the face options available? You’re in luck, because Customizer’s Compendium by the user ‘AlanaSP’ gives players many more options. It greatly expands face options in character creation, and allows different races face options only available to others. This makes re-playability and character creation a lot more enjoyable.

Best Baldurs Gate 3 Mods Custom Dice

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Custom Dice

If the same old dice you’re using while making skill checks bores you, then try out this mod. Custom Dice by ‘clintmich’ allows you to change your default dice skin from 18 variants. Currently, you can only use one dice skin at a time, but you can always download and replace skins anytime you like. You can change your dice skin by pressing the button in the bottom left corner of the screen when you’re performing a skill check.

Basket Full Of Equipment

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Basket full of Equipment

This mod by ‘AnteMaxx’ is highly expansive when it comes to customizing your character. Although a little cheaty, if you’re dying to look fashionable, download Basket full of Equipment. It will insert a basket into your game filled with hundreds of armor, weapons, clothes, shoes, and more.

Whether you’re starting a new game, or wanting this mod in a campaign you’re already playing, you can gain access to this basket. There is an enormous variety of clothing, armor, and weapon options to choose from that’ll make you feel like you’re back in character creation again.

Best Baldurs Gate 3 Mods Eyes Of Beholder

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Eyes of the Beholder

If you’re looking for some more unique-looking eyes, try out Eyes of the Beholder. Created by ‘labotor’, this mod adds a variety of different looking eyes. They range from cat eyes, glowing eyes, pupil-less eyes, starry eyes, and much more. Although you can only install one type at a time, and they overwrite the existing eyes, they all look very cool, and will make your character stand out.

Appearance Edit Lite

Screenshot via Eralyne

Appearance Edit Lite

Many players are upset due to the fact that we currently cannot edit our appearance after character creation. Well, luckily the mod gods are on our side, because ‘Eralyne’ created Appearance Edit Lite. This mod allows you to change some aspects of your appearance during the respec screen.

If you’re wondering how to respec in Baldur’s Gate 3, check out our guide on that. Once you get to that screen, you can not only alter your character’s appearance but your companions as well! Although Larian Studios said that they’re planning to implement this feature, it’s nice to have a mod that can do it for now.

Carry Weight Increased

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Carry Weight Increased

Annoyed by the fact that your pockets are getting heavier by the minute? You can always try out Carry Weight Increased by the user ‘Mharius’. With this mod installed, your carry weight capacity increases up to over 9000 pounds. Instead of always sending things to camp to lighten the load, you now won’t have to worry about holding too many heavy items.

Best Baldurs Gate 3 Mods New Character Creation Presets

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New Character Creation Presets

While this is a work-in-progress mod, it still works quite fine! This is another character creation mod, this time by ‘Toarie’, that introduces new character presets. Although it seems similar to Customizer’s Compendium, New Character Creation Presets comes with its own textures and meshes. If you have both mods installed, you’ll have so many new faces to choose from!

Screenshot via DiZ91891

5e Spells

Any D&D fan probably knows that while Baldur’s Gate 3 has a ton of spells, there are still some missing. This 5e Spells mod by ‘DiZ91891’ brings in a ton of fan-favorite spells from D&D 5e that never came to Baldur’s Gate 3. For now, the creator has only put in spells up to level 4, but they plan to add new spells in the future even up to level 9.

Party Limit Begone

Screenshot via SildurFX

Party Limit Begone

You’re only allowed to have four players max in your party. While you can switch companions out any time, don’t you want to see what it would feel like to have more? In Party Limit Begone by ‘SildurFX’, you’re allowed to do that! You can now have a party with more than four companions. Not only that, but it can work in multiplayer too. If you read the mod’s description, it’ll tell you how to make it work.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on Steam.

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