Call Of Duty Skin Operator John Mcclaine Getting Ready To Shoot
Image: Activision

13 best Call of Duty skins, ranked

Some skins are better than others.

The best Call of Duty skins change depending on who you ask, so we’ll try to keep updating this list when new skins come out. This list is based on a lot of factors, but we’ll try and be fair.

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The best of the best will be in terms of how much better it makes players, but we also have some fan favorites below. We will not add the NickMercs or TimTheTatman skins because of the controversy around them. That’s just something we’d rather stay away from. Below are the best skins in the Call of Duty franchise.

The top Call of Duty skins, ranked

13 – Messi

Call Of Duty Skin Operator Messi Near Others
Image: Activision

Lionel Messi’s Call of Duty skin is one of the most popular skins in the game, and for good reason. It looks so much like Messi, it’s crazy. NickMercs and TimTheTatman’s addition to the roster showed how this is done, and it’s no wonder the game’s skins look this good.

Messi wears a blue jersey under regular operator gear, but his face is present so you can tell who it is. It’s also a great way to show their love for one of the greatest footballers of all time.

12 – Snoop Dogg

Call Of Duty Skin Snoop Dog Chilling
Image: Activision

Snoop Dogg is one of the best Call of Duty skins because he is a cultural icon and a beloved figure in the gaming community. He is also a talented rapper and performer, which makes him a unique and exciting addition to the game. Snoop Dogg’s skin is also very well-designed, with a realistic appearance and a variety of different customization options.

I love Snoop Dogg and grew up when he was one of the top rappers, and was surprised to see people like him and T-Pain start streaming. Snoop is definitely one of a kind and honestly a skin you should buy just to have in your locker.

11 – Foxy

Call Of Duty Skin Operator Red Fox Foxxy Thumbs Up
Image: Activision

Don’t hate on Foxy, because he’s a tough character to use. It’s a legendary skin for the operator Hutch in Modern Warfare 2, and it features a bright orange fox costume with fuzzy ears and a tail. Since it’s basically a furry, it’s perfect for trolls and dominators outside of its target audience. You know players get mad when they see this skin kill them, and even more mad when a t-bag comes right after.

It’s a fun and whimsical departure from the norm, but it’s incredibly well-designed and executed. I’ve never used this skin, but I cannot blame anyone who does, it is a banger.

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10 – Terminator

Call Of Duty Skin Terminator Coming Through
Image: Activision

Firstly, if you have yet to see the Terminator movies, you need to go watch them. The first Terminator movie and the second one still hold up as two of the best movies ever made. This skin is based on the popular Terminator franchise, which has a long history of fans. The skin accurately recreates the appearance of the T-800 Terminator from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

T-800 looks great in this one. It’s got a cybernetic body, red eyes, and an iconic leather jacket. The skin gives you a sense of power and confidence because you’re playing as one of the most iconic movie villains-turned-heroes of all time.

9 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Call Of Duty Skin Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Image: Activision

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre skin is terrifying to me, and I always lose to people wearing this kind of stuff. I can’t focus on shooting straight, because someone running at you with this mask is scary. It’s one of the best Call of Duty skins because it is incredibly unique and well-designed. It is based on the iconic horror film character Leatherface, with features such as a blood-stained apron, a chainsaw, and a human skull mask.

8 – Manta Ray

Call Of Duty Skin Operator Manta Ray With Weapon Near Other
Image: Activision

Manta Ray is a skin that’s exclusive to Call of Duty Mobile, but she would dominate any CoD game she’s in. Manta Ray is a very unique and visually striking skin, it’s not a hardcore-looking female like we’re used to. Instead, it looks like Manta Ray could be a V-Tuber or star in the next Resident Evil.

She’s thinner and shapely, so her hitbox is smaller than you’d think. This makes her a great skin to use because you’re less likely to get shot up. What’s even better is that it’s not too flashy or over-the-top. This means you can blend in much more easily.

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7 – Attack on Titan

Call Of Duty Skin Attack On Titan Going Through
Image: Activision

The Attack on Titan skin is one of the most unique designs I’ve ever seen. Instead of being a person in some camo and gear, it’s a completely new character model that is based on the Armored Titan from the Attack on Titan anime. This makes the skin stand out from other skins in the game, and it appeals to an audience that loved this popular show.

The skin is well-designed and accurately reflects the appearance of the Armored Titan from the anime. The skin is also highly detailed in its depiction; it has the Titan’s hardened plates of flesh and its glowing red eyes. This makes the skin look realistic and believable.

6 – Urban Tracker

Call Of Duty Skin Operator Urban Tracker In Snowy Land
Image: Activision

Urban Tracker is another Call of Duty: Mobile skin that would be so awesome in Warzone. The skin is versatile, being more on the cutesy in some iterations but also more stealthy and hooded in others. It’s one of those skins that could be used in plenty of game modes. The thin shape of the skin makes the hitbox smaller, and in turn better.

Like Manta Ray, she looks like she could be a V-Tuber. I think this shows that we could have skins from popular streamers like Valkyrae or Pokimane. There’s the argument that they don’t play Call of Duty, but neither did NickMercs when he got his skin. They’re still two gamers who can play FPS games well. I’d say the popularity of skins like Urban Tracker and Manta Ray proves that gamers definitely want female streamers to get skins in Call of Duty.

5 – Mara

Call Of Duty Skin Operator Mara Vaulting Over Obstacle
Image: Activision

Mara is my favorite female skin in Call of Duty. She’s decked out with facial and body tattoos, she’s got a smaller hitbox, and she looks like a special ops soldier. She looks cool doing anything and everything, and I especially love her finisher for enemies who are prone. She lifts them with her shovel and then stabs them in the chest with it.

Mara’s association with the Warcom operator faction is another reason for her popularity. The Warcom faction is one of the most popular factions in the game, and Mara is one of its most iconic operators. Players who like playing as the Warcom faction often choose Mara as their operator skin.

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4 – Ghostface

Call Of Duty Skin Operator Ghost Face Getting Ready To Stab
Image: Activision

Ghostface and Michael Myers are my favorite horror movie villains, but Ghostface is one of my favorite Call of Duty Skins. He easily blends into any dark space, is terrifying when seen in dark maps, and is iconic when you use a melee weapon.

The Ghostface mask is one of the most recognizable horror icons in the world, and it is instantly recognizable on the battlefield. The skin is also very unique, as there are no other skins in Call of Duty that quite compare to it. This makes it a great way to stand out from the crowd and show off your love of horror movies.

There is something about playing as a serial killer in a first-person shooter game that is just plain enjoyable. The Scream skin captures the essence of Ghostface perfectly.

3 – Nikto

Call Of Duty Skin Operator Nitko Going Dark Near Ghost
Image: Activision

Nikto is a bit of an unfair character skin to have because he’s one of the best to have in night mode missions. He wears all black with a black mask. The rare red doesn’t take away from the fact that he blends into dark spaces. His outfit has a variety of pouches and straps which give him more detail, making him easier to see. However, he’s still overall a pay-to-win skin.

He’s an intimidating character, looking like a shadow and less like an operative. He’s a great skin to use for snipers, and campers love to use him in towers and places he can blend into.

2 – Ghost

Call Of Duty Skin Operator Ghost Mobile In Deep Water
Image: Activision

Any “best” list that doesn’t have Ghost isn’t a good list. Ghost is one of the most popular and beloved Call of Duty skins for a reason. He’s a mysterious and badass operator who is always one step ahead of the enemy. His signature skull mask and blacked-out gear give him a menacing appearance, and his deadly skills make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Players love Ghost because he is the ultimate symbol of stealth and lethality. He’s mostly quiet and has the most tragic backstory in all of Call of Duty. His end in the original Call of Duty MW2 cemented him in the minds of all players, and we’re glad to see him return to a place of honor with the new games.

1 – Roze Rook

Call Of Duty Skin Rose Rook Operative Going Through
Image: Activision

Roze Rook is one of the most controversial skins in Call of Duty, but that’s because it’s too good of a skin. It gives you an immediate competitive advantage, and when I wrote about Call of Duty streamers, this was a hot topic. The skin is almost entirely black with almost no gear, which makes it very difficult to see in dark areas.

This makes it an unfair advantage on its own, but because it’s a feminine skin, it’s got an even bigger advantage. Feminine skins tend to have smaller hitboxes, so you’re trying to face a player who is hard to see and easy to miss. It’s really just the best skin you can get in the game.

This made a lot of people ask for its removal, which made it more sought after. This is a skin that will make people mad and is worth purchasing whenever it returns to the store.

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