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Best characters for beginners in MultiVersus

No accounting for taste.

When just starting out in MultiVersus, you may find you’re being hammered as a beginner, but this may just be because you’re playing with the wrong character. Regardless of your playstyle, here are the best beginner-friendly characters in MultiVersus.

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Choosing the best character as a beginner in MultiVersus

The best character for any beginner really just comes down to how you like to play. If you’re familiar with combo fighters, then you’ll already know your preference. However, if MultiVersus is your first time, then give each of these various characters a go, and see which one works for you.

Bruiser Class – Shaggy

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These are all-rounders in MultiVerse or any combo fighter. They work at a variety of ranges and are adaptable. A jack of all trades, if you will. I would recommend the starting character, Shaggy, for any beginner in MultiVersus as the best. He has some pretty slick combos, a charge attack, and decent speed. Shaggy is the real all-rounder to learn how to play the game and get to grips with combos and defense.

Assassin Class – Jake

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Assassins play up close and personal. Fast combos, light damage, and high stun is the name of the game. As an all-rounder when it comes to close-up combat, Jake is the one to choose. If you’re a beginner to MultiVersus and want to play up close, personal, and quick, then this is the best character for you. He isn’t too much on the light side and was certainly the meta during the open beta.

Mage Class – Gizmo

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Mage classes are all about range in MultiVersus, using projectiles to dominate the arena from a distance. For a beginner, I would say that Gizmo is probably the best character to learn how to play ranged in MultiVersus. His moves are simple yet effective, and things like the fire arrow and popcorn combos can be devastating once they are learned how to be used in combination.

Tank Class – Wonder Woman

Wonderwoman Beginner Character Multiversus
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High weight, armor, and damage make these characters slow but able to take a beating. If you’re looking to get started as a beginner in the Tank class for MultiVersus, I would highly recommend Wonder Woman as your best character. Her whip gives range, and she has some very nice combos that can be strung together. These fast combos set her apart from the rest of the tank class, which can be especially slow. Stay away from Iron Giant as a beginner. He is incredibly slow and needs to be learned.

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