Multiversus Arya Stark
Image: YouTube It's Shatter

How to unlock and use Arya Stark in MultiVersus

Not bad, for a girl.

There is a wild and wacky assortment of characters to choose from in MultiVersus. However, Arya Stark, when unlocked and used correctly, can be one of the most devastating MultiVersus opponents. Here is how to make the most of her.

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Arya Stark in MultiVersus

You will probably recognize this character from the TV Series, Game of Thrones. Arya Stark is depicted in MultiVersus as her end-of-series self with a head scar and flowing cape. She is a stunlock specialist but is susceptible to being ringed out due to her light weight.

How to unlock Arya Stark in MultiVersus

There are three easy ways to get your hands on this Arya Stark in MultiVersus.

Multiversus Arya Stark
Image: YouTube It’s Shatter

How to play Arya Stark in MultiVersus

If you want to master this quick and nimble character, you’ll need to be aware of a few of her pros and cons. If they don’t work for your playstyle, she isn’t the one for you.

Very fast attacksLow damage
Rushdown, close-range player with the ability to close gaps quicklyLow range and small hitboxes
Well suited to long, stun-locking combosShort range
Pairs well with a lot of other characters in 2v2Rushdown, close-range, player with the ability to close gaps quickly
A lot of combos to keep opponents guessingQuite a high skill level is required


There are a number of Arya Stark moves in MultiVersus that make her a very hard opponent to play against. Where she really shines is in her stunning and disorienting moves. Using her down special, called Blade Sharpener, Arya disorients her opponent, spins them to face the other direction, and causes the next melee attack to break armor. To cause further stun lock effects, the regular special move will face steal the enemy, stunning them on the second special button press.

Arya Stark In Multiversus
Image: YouTube It’s Shatter

Due to Arya Stark being a close-range, melee player in MultiVersus, closing down space is very important. Using Knife Thrower, she will throw her knife into an opponent. On the second instance of the input, she will dash to the knife’s location, closing space.

Arya Stark can use her downspike attack to great effect on players that are over the edge of the ring. The Stinger move has a large knockback and can be devastating during a recovery. However, be aware of the chance of ringing out and also the small hitbox. It requires accuracy and timing.

Due to how lightweight Arya Stark is in MultiVersus, it is important to save these recovery moves. She can be ringed out at a relatively low percentage, so as fights go on, she will be vulnerable. The real technique to winning with Arya Stark is learning her combos that can keep an opponent turned, stunned, and disoriented. This will stop them from being able to get any heavy moves in and keep her on the offense. Try pairing her with someone like Black Adam.

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