Banana Guards In Multiversus
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MultiVersus players shocked after Banana Guard is leaked as a playable character

The. Banana. Guard.

MultiVersus released a video going over their new PvE mode – although a split second of footage overshadowed the entire announcement.

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Update: This is not a goof nor a mistake – thanks to another X post – Banana Guard is now an official character in MultiVersus.

Banana Guard over Ben 10 in MultiVersus is criminal

MultiVersus released to numerous platforms their announcement for their new PvE mode, which sounds rather exciting. It was only when I logged on to X/Twitter to find out more was when I realized I missed the most important information in the video. The Banana Guard from Adventure Time.

The Banana Guard appears for a (banana) split-second before Batman takes center stage, eleven seconds into the Multiversus PvE Rifts Mode Overview.

Banana Guard Multiversus
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you wish to view this sweet sin with your own eyes, I’d recommend playing the video at x0.25 speed and spamming the “K” key when at 10 seconds.

In the video, two character slots have “secrets” written on them, and as we can see, the Banana Guard appears as one of these secret slots are selected.

The other one is still unknown, so we could very well still see Ben 10 in MultiVersus. I’m not coping, you are.

Why is the community so shocked about Banana Guard in MultiVersus?

This revelation is especially shocking considering that the Banana Guard is already in the damn game.

The TV pick-up causes a Banana Guard to run across the ground, damaging combatants it runs into. Already having the Banana Guard in the game to some capacity is enough exposure of Candy Kingdom’s finest. Especially considering that they hardly appear in the show and aren’t that recognizable outside of Adventure Time fans. So to ascend a scarcely known character already in MultiVersus to playable status is a rather wild design choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Adventure Time and find the Banana Guard amusing, but Warner Bros. has such a vast catalog of characters to choose from it seems criminal to have the Banana Guard twice. And the community (largely) agrees with this sentiment.

Thanks to the confirmation, this is not a joke or misdirection – Banana Guard is a playable character in MultiVersus.

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