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One of the more unique units in Fire Emblem Engage is Seadall, a dancer who maintains morale and helps your best fighters do more damage. He’s a useful ally indeed. Here’s our guide to the best class and gifts for Seadall in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best class and gifts for Seadall in Fire Emblem Engage

Seadall joins your group as a Dancer. You should leave him in that class. Helpfully, the class comes with a level cap of 40 instead of the usual 20. When he reaches that cap, simply “change” him to a Dancer yet again to keep improving his stats.

To make the most of Seadall, keep him dancing and focus on learning abilities that improve his ability to avoid enemy attacks. He automatically uses his Curious Dance personal skill at the start of each turn to heal nearby allies. You want that to happen as often as possible.

Fire Emblem Engage Seadall Bonded With Marth

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Seadall isn’t a terrible fighter, but you don’t actually need him to do a lot of fighting. He shines in a support role, and not just because of the passive healing. Have him follow around a favorite damage-dealing unit. Then, after that unit attacks, Seadall should dance to give the unit a second turn. This tactic proves supremely effective, especially if he hangs out with a unit capable of eliminating a boss’s life meter in one hit. When the boss recovers its life bar, Seadall can dance so the friendly unit gets to attack a second time in a single phase.

By default, Seadall doesn’t possess strong defense. You need to focus on improving his Avoid and Dodge stats so that enemies have a hard time eliminating him. Have Lucina teach him Dual Support, while Marth should teach him Avoid +30 or Unyielding++. Once he has learned those abilities, he can also bond with Corrin for good protection during combat.

Fire Emblem Engage Seadall Receives Gift

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If you give Seadall gifts, focus on his artistic and intellectual sides. He appreciates the Fairy-Tale Book, Poetry Book, and Elyos History, while the Quality Kerchief, Sun Visor, White Clover, Antler Earrings, and Lovely Candle suit his sense of style.

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