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In Fire Emblem Engage, warriors continue to join your band of heroes well into the adventure. One such character is Zelkov, a dark and mysterious man. He wears a lot of gray and likes to emphasize seemingly random words when speaking with others. His odd demeanor hides a powerful warrior. Here’s our guide to the best class and gifts for Zelkov in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best class and gifts for Zelkov in Fire Emblem Engage

Zelkov joins in Chapter 11, in the middle of events that make it easy to overlook him if you already have a similar character in your lineup. He is a Thief, like Yunaka before him.

To make the most of Zelkov, let him remain a Thief and focus on adding abilities that emphasize his Speed. Zelkov has a character-specific ability that makes him a unique asset: when an enemy attacks, he inflicts a Hit -10 effect on his assailant. Added to his strong Defense, Speed, and Dexterity, that unique ability means he fares better than most party members when wandering into a space crowded with enemies.

Fire Emblem Engage Zelkov Inventory

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Pair Zelkov with an Emblem that plays to his considerable existing strengths. Leif is a good option, plus you’ll want to bond with him anyway because Leif imparts the Knife Precision 5 ability once you have nearly maximized your bond. Another good option is Marth, who teaches the Avoid +30 ability.

As a Thief, Zelkov should equip a powerful weapon such as the Silver Dagger, which poisons enemies and has a potential range of two spaces. When he powers it up appropriately, the weapon becomes deadly in his hands.

Fire Emblem Engage Zelkov Gift Recipient

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If you wish to give Zelkov gifts to improve his support rating, go with items that play to his passions as an artist. He appreciates the Sharp Chisel, Poetry Book, Utility Knife, and Sewing Kit. He also has a use for Sheep Wool and the Landscape Art. Avoid more frivolous gifts, which he finds irritating.

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