Best Damage Characters tier list in Star Wars Hunters, ranked
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Best Damage Characters tier list in Star Wars Hunters, ranked

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Damage characters in Star Wars Hunters are all over the place, which makes them not equal. To learn the best Damage characters in a tier list that is ranked for Star Wars Hunters, the guide below should have your answers.

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Star Wars Hunters: Best damage characters, ranked tier list

Currently, in Star Wars Hunters, there are around six DPS characters to pick from. Between this class and the tanks, you get more options here. 

As mentioned, this is a ranked list list that will start from worst to best. 

All DPS characters, ranked



Best Damage Characters tier list in Star Wars Hunters, ranked
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I’m placing this guy at the top of the list for two reasons. He’s got a steep learning curve for one, and his Slugthrower Rifle has a slow fire rate. If you miss shots with him, you better run away because countering him is easy if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, once you learn him and adapt to how slow he attacks, the shots you land can outright kill the opponent. 

J – 3DI

Best Damage Characters tier list in Star Wars Hunters, ranked
Image: Zynga

Lightsabers are cool in most Star Wars games. But in Star Wars Hunters, it’s more of a nuisance. If you use the character, I will not like you. To me, melee characters can be a swing or a miss, and in this case — it’s a miss. J – 3D1 can counter and deflect attacks with the Lightsaber, but it’s easy to overcome, especially if you’re using someone like Sentinel. On the other hand, an experienced player can have him survive longer because his passive allows him to heal. If you’re good enough, he can hold his own.



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When you select Utooni, you won’t be playing with one character, but two. That option opens up so much potential, but playing two characters at once needs some time to get used to, which is why these little dudes are in the B-Tier. The cool part is that you can switch between them. One can help knock back enemies making follow-up attacks easier, while the other can group any targets nearby with the Ion Imploder. This move can make modes like Power Control easier to play. 


Imara Vex

Star Wars Hunter Imara Vex
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She’s probably the best all-around character. But, because of that, you may hit her ceiling quickly. Due to her skill level and how easy she is to master, Imara Vex deserves to be in this tier. First, her grappling hook is my favorite skill to use. If you’re in danger and aren’t near a healer or healing pod, zip out of there. This makes your ability to counterattack much more fluid. Her weapon, while great at suppressing fire is also amazing at downing enemies. She is the true definition of damage per second in Star Wars Hunters.

Aran Tal

Star Wars Hunter Aran Tal
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The first premium character of Star Wars Hunters, but also like Imara Vex, is easy to use. Aran Tal shares the same mobility as Imara Vex with his jetpack. However, you can weaponize his jetpack to knock back enemies and stun them. A stunned opponent becomes a free kill. If you want to have more breathing room, use his flamethrower which can leave damage on an enemy. He can surprisingly become a one-man army if you strategically use him.



Star Wars Hunters Reive
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Remember earlier, when I said melee characters are a miss in Star Wars Hunters? I am humble enough to admit I can be wrong. Rieve put me in my place. She does have a Lightsaber similar to J – 3DI, but it has more uses. Before going into that, let’s talk about the Hunter herself.

Rieve has a dash attack that does devastating damage in front of her, so if you’re playing with Rieve, make sure you’re close by to do any follow-up attacks. Now, her Lightsaber can be used for melee attacks, but it can be thrown. For J – 3DI, you have to go close to the enemy which can make you open for an attack. Rieve can effortlessly throw her Lightsaber, at a distance to catch her prey. Her ability to deal high damage while having tons of speed makes her probably the best attacker for now. 

The layout of the game can make things uncomfortable. If you know how to change the button layout in Star Wars Hunters, you can play better.

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