Best Destiny 2 The Final Shape Hunter's Journal Artifact Perks, ranked
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Best Destiny 2 The Final Shape Hunter’s Journal Artifact Perks, ranked

It's all about those Prismatic Perks!

The Hunter’s Journal is The Final Shape’s Artifact, dramatically changing the meta from the Season of the Wish. Here’s the best Destiny 2, The Final Shape Hunter’s Journal Artifact Perks, ranked.

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What is the Hunter’s Journal in The Final Shape?

Let me quickly explain what the Hunter’s Journal is for the benefit of new and returning players. The Hunter’s Journal is a seasonal Artifact you can invest points into as you progress through activities in The Final Shape.

The Artifact is displayed just underneath your equipped weapons. You’ll see multiple perk options when you open it, and any points you spend here can be refunded at no cost.

Artifact Mods can be exceptionally powerful or completely useless, depending on how you use them. With this in mind, here are the best perks:

Best Hunter’s Journal Artifact mods in Destiny 2

I’ve not included tier-one perks in this list because they are weapon-dependent. The tier-one options give you ways to defeat Barrier, Unstoppable, and Overload champions. You must have these, but there’s no “best” choice here. Some Artifact mods synergize with specific weapons, so it’s worth keeping your Exotic arsenal up to date.

#7 Prismatic Transfer

Let’s check out Prismatic Transfer to start this list with a bang. This perk grants bonus weapon damage to every member of your Fireteam with a Super type different from yours.

This is a powerful effect, although you’ll need organization to get the most from it, hence the lower placement. If you’re playing with a premade group, Prismatic Transfer offers free damage for everyone. Unfortunately, it’s not as helpful with randoms.

#6 Elemental Siphon

Elemental Siphon converts Kinetic Kills into Elemental Pickups that match your Super type. It’s always worth bringing Kinetic weapons, as they deal more damage to shields if your gun doesn’t match the type.

Several Prismatic Fragments rely on you grabbing Elemental Pickups, and Elemental Siphon is an easy way to activate those.

#5 Void Hegemony

Void Hegemony, Radiant Orbs, and Galvanic Armor all work similarly in requiring a specific subclass or Prismatic. If you’re using Prismatic, Void Hegemony is a no-brainer, as defeating weakened targets provides a Void Overshield.

If you’re using Void weapons like the Edge Transit, Void Hegemony provides easy access to defensive perks.

#4 Radiant Orbs

Similarly to Void Hegemony, Radiant Orbs make you Radiant if you pick up an Orb of Power. You do need a Solar or Prismatic Subclass to reap the benefits, but you can already see how absurdly strong Prismatic will be this season.

Radiance is one of the most potent Elemental Buffs, and, incredibly, you can trigger it by just collecting an Orb of Power.

#3 Galvanic Armor

Glavanic Armor works if you’re using an Arc or Prismatic Subclass, so it’s another “must-have” if you’re rocking the Final Shape abilities.

Glavanic Armor reduces incoming damage while you’re Amplified. Damage reduction of any kind is extremely strong in Destiny 2, provided you meet the requirements. I can’t see myself using much Arc damage, but Galvanic Armor is an essential pick if you have a reliable way to become Amplified.

#2 Shieldcrush

While it’s still build-specific, Shieldcrush is a contender for the best Artifact mod in the game. If you have Woven Mail, Frost Armor, or a Void Overshield, your Melee recharges faster and deals bonus damage.

If that wasn’t enough, you gain faster Grenade recharges if you’re Radiant or Amplified. Elemental buffs like these are all beneficial and something you’ll always be shooting for. With this in mind, it should be easy to get value from Shieldcrush.

Better Melee and Grenade abilities often offer a straight damage increase, so this is well worth the investment.

#1 Transference

Transcendence is the shiny new ability in Destiny 2, which makes Guardians more deadly than ever before. If you want to lean into a Transcendent build (honestly, who doesn’t?), Transference is an easy way to make it even more potent.

Transference makes your Melee and Grenade abilities deal even more damage than usual while you’re Transcendent. You also regain some light and dark energy if you score kills while Transcendent.

If you want more Transcendence uptime, this is the best Hunter’s Journal Artifact mod to use.

Those are my picks for the best Hunter’s Journal Artifact Mods. There are a few that grant bonus damage to Swords, which I’ve not included. If you consider yourself a blade master, then Overload Sword, Argent Blade, and Blade Stamina are superb choices.

If you’re a Hunter who enjoys Swords, it’s worth learning how to Shatter Skate. It’s a tricky technique but the most stylish way to get around, and it’s not even close!

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