Best early Weapon Mods in Remnant 2, ranked

Best Early Weapon Mods In Remnant 2
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After playing through the opening tutorial in Remnant 2, you’ll meet the vendors in the central hub and need to select a Weapon Mod. Picking your starter Weapon Mod can be challenging considering you don’t know what each Weapon Mod does or how good they are. Plus, you can’t change your mind after selecting a Weapon Mod, so you have to pick your first Weapon Mod with care. Here is the best early Weapon Mod in Remnant 2.

Note: If you’re not so sure about the Archetype you picked at the beginning of Remnant 2, you can always check out what the best Archetypes are in Remnant 2 and try a new class.

What Weapon Mod should you pick first in Remnant 2?

After meeting a majority of the NPCs in the central hub in Remnant 2, you’ll meet Ava McCabe and be required to pick a starter Weapon Mod. You’ll find more Weapon Mods as you defeat bosses and play through Remnant 2, but your first Weapon Mod will help prepare you for what lies ahead.

Here are what the four starter Weapon Mods are in Remnant 2:

  • Healing Shot – Launches a payload that explodes on contact with allies, healing 35% of their max health. When no ally is struck, payload lays dormant until an ally gets close. Dormant payloads last 30s, slowly losing healing potency over time. Mod power requirement: 600.
  • Concussive Shot – Fires a focused blast of air through all targets within 8m, dealing 155 damage and 4x impact. Mod power requirements: 450.
  • Scrap Shot – Fire a caltrops grenade that explodes to cover an area of 6m. Caltrops deal 20 damage per second and apply Slow to enemies that walk over them. Lasts 10s. Mod power requirements: 750.
  • Hot Shot – Imbues ammunition with fire and increases Ranged damage by 15% for 20s. Shots also apply Burning, dealing 200 Fire damage over 10 seconds. Mod Power Requirement: 1,250.

After playing for several hours and experimenting with different Archetypes and Weapon Mods, I can confidently say that the best starter Weapon Mod depends on your Archetype and playstyle.

If you are playing Medic with a group of people, you’ll likely want Healing Shot to add even more ways to support your team. However, if you are playing Medic solo, you’ll likely want a different Weapon Mod since you already have healing capabilities.

If you are playing Hunter and want an extra kick when enemies get too close or you want to maximize the fantasy of playing an up-close-and-personal brute with Challenger, go with Concussive Shot since it’s a very powerful Weapon Mod that’s great for dispatching swarms of close enemies.

Scrap Shot is a great Weapon Mod if you are playing Hunter and want to slow down your enemies to pick them off easier or are playing Handler and want your companion to tear your enemies to shreds with ease.

If you are playing Gunslinger, the best Weapon Mod is Hot Shot because it allows you to fire bullets that are on fire and deal more damage, which is the epitome of Gunslinger.

If you are playing any Archetype solo, I highly recommend Healing Shot, especially if you are playing on a harder difficulty. Remnant 2 is a hard game and Healing Shot will definitely help you stay alive for longer.

You can’t go wrong with any of the starter Weapon Mods, but I do think that there are some that work better with specific party sizes and Archetypes. Now that you know which Weapon Mod is best for your playthrough, get out there and start slaying monsters!

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