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Best FFXIV Merchandise & Gifts For 2024

What to buy for the Warrior of Light?

FFXIV is one of the most popular MMO’s on the market. The game is so influential that there’s more merch than you could ever realistically buy. Whether you’re looking for yourself or a friend, here are the best FFXIV Merchandise & Gifts For 2024.

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FFXIV: Best Merch and Gift Ideas 2024

The items in this list are in no particular order but are sure to delight any FFXIV player. I’ve tried to give options for any budget and have included several items I own myself as a fan of the game.

FFXIV Cook Book

Best FFXIV Merchandise & Gifts For 2024
Image: PC Invasion

Believe it or not, you can buy a recipe book to accompany many popular games, including Destiny 2 and even Diablo 4. FFXIV is no exception, and the Cook Book is surprisingly well made. There are dozens of recipes, from drinks to full-blown meals, and there’s something for everyone regardless of skill.

Honestly, I’m a horrendous chef, and this book has done nothing to change that. That said, the book is jam-packed with gorgeous photos. Hopefully, someone with more culinary skills than myself can make these images a reality.

Official FFXIV Vinyl Soundtrack

Best FFXIV Merchandise & Gifts For 2024
Image: Square Enix

Vinyl music has quietly been enjoying a resurgence in popularity lately, and it seems Square Enix is aware of this. You can purchase multiple soundtracks from the official Square Enix merch shop

While Vinyls are pretty stylish, most soundtracks are available in CD Format, too, so you pick the appropriate medium. The picture above is for the Dawntrail expansion soundtrack, which is only a pre-order at the time of writing.

Eorzea Encyclopedia and art books

Best FFXIV Merchandise & Gifts For 2024
Image: PC Invasion

FFXIV captivates many players with its deep lore and storytelling. At the time of writing, there are three volumes to the Encyclopedia of Eorzea, and each book is exceptionally high-quality. 

Even if you don’t read them every day, they look gorgeous on a shelf as they are hard-backed. I adore these Encyclopedias, and they are full of art and story snippets. On that note, there are plenty of decent FFXIV art books. These are especially handy if you’re into Cosplay, as they offer unrivaled source material.

Triple Triad Deck 

Best FFXIV Merchandise & Gifts For 2024
Image: Etsy

Triple Triad is a card game played all across Eorzea, which is the setting for FFXIV. Oddly enough, there isn’t an official Triple Triad set on the Square Enix Store. If you’re happy with unofficial merch, you can purchase the cards on Etsy.

As Etsy is a marketplace for independent sellers, you’ll have to check availability for your region, but FFXIV fans will love physical versions of these cards. The rules are so simple you’ll even be able to play in real life, and some sellers even supply a playmat. 

FFXIV Apparel

Image: RedBubble

If you’re short of space or don’t know what to buy a FFXIV fan, nothing beats a T-shirt. You can find exceptional FFXIV apparel at the official merch store, but there are plenty of unofficial options, too. 

Websites like RedBubble or Etsy offer plenty of bespoke clothing options. In many cases, you can buy stuff nobody else will have. I love unofficial merch that focuses on something special to me, like my favorite Job (Machinist FTW) or an in-game joke.

There are countless options for FFXIV clothing catering to a broad budget range.

Jobstone Magnets and pins

Best FFXIV Merchandise & Gifts For 2024
Image: Square Enix

If you’re a fan of Trinkets, you can’t go wrong with small items like Magnets and Pins. Items like this are popular at conventions, and you can pick a personal gift with Jobstone-specific choices.

Bespoke sellers like Etsy are a great place for this type of merchandise and are usually pretty budget-friendly. There are also numerous official options if you prefer to buy from Square Enix directly. If you find yourself at a convention selling items like this, they are a great way to remember a fantastic day out.

FFXIV Figurines

Image: Square Enix

Figurines are a broad subject for FFXIV merch and may not be as budget-destroying as you think. Giant high-detail figurines can soar into the hundreds of dollars range, but smaller items, like acrylics, are far less.

Plenty of budget-friendly options exist if you’re short on space and just want to decorate your desk. You can go down the official route, but plenty of custom models are available. There are even sellers on Etsy who will make your unique character as a figure!

Alpha Plush

Image: Square Enix

How could I make a merch list without including a cuddly option? You can snag a gorgeous Alpha Plush from the official Merch Store

You’re not limited to just Alpha for plushies. You can have a regular Chocobo or Moogle, too. I’m sure you could even snuggle up to a Marlboro if you knew where to look.

Like figurines, the sky is the limit for plushies. There are so many options for FFXIV that I would need a whole new article to cover even half of them.

Final Fantasy XIV Eorzea Academy Book

Image: PC Invasion

If you’re on a budget or are buying for an anime fan, you can’t go wrong with this unique Manga book. 

The Final Fantasy XIV Eorzea Academy Manga is quite unusual as it contains beloved FFXIV characters but in a high-school comedy setting.

Storywise, the tale is light-hearted, and it’s a treat to see well-known characters without the threat of a looming apocalypse like the game.

I can’t show any pages here, but the artwork is superb and it’s an easy read.

Final Fantasy Theatrythm Videogame

Image: PC Invasion

We’re branching out a little with this recommendation, but I rarely get to talk about this title, and it’s a banger! Final Fantasy Theatryrhm is a Rhythm game that includes pieces from all the mainline games.

The FFXIV music selection is extensive, and you can construct a team with your favorite Final Fantasy characters. While this isn’t strictly an FFXIV recommendation, it’s a celebration of the series’ soundtracks as a whole. I have Theatrythm on the Nintendo Switch, but it’s available on every console and on Steam.

While enjoying FFXIV doesn’t immediately mean you’ll enjoy other games in the series, Final Fantasy 16 is absolutely worth a look. The title recently received a superb new DLC and is a great excuse to dive into the title.

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