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by Menashe

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The Wii was one of my favorite systems this gen. It might have been weak, but Nintendo made the most of it and pulled off some surprisingly sweet looking graphics. Between Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, gamers had a range of different visual styles. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 were probably the best looking games on the system, making some HD games look drab in comparison. Skyward Sword enchanted gamers with its painterly style. And Metroid had two different styles to offer. One was in the flavor of Retro Studios, in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption / Metroid Prime Trilogy. And the other flavor was Team Ninja, in Metroid Other M. Retro had another looker on the Wii, by way of Donkey Kong Country Returns, which actually used more polygons per screen than any of the Metroid Prime games. Two excellent third party games were Monster Hunter Tri, which featured an expansive world full of massive monsters, and No More Heroes 2 which had Suda51’s characteristic unique visual style and lots of blood. Finally, we had the Operation Rainfall three, each good-looking in its own right. Xenoblade Chronicles made an epic world that stretched on for miles. The Last Story had impressive architecture. And Pandora’s Tower had a wonderful Gothic tone to its surroundings. Some would include Silent Hill Shattered Memories in this list for its flashlight mechanics and Red Steel 2 for its stylish cel-shaded look.

If you’re looking for Muramasa The Demon Blade and Kirby’s Epic Yarn, you’ll find them in the Best Art Styles list.┬áHere’s the full list of games and screenshots for the Best Graphics in Games on Wii:

– Donkey Kong County Returns
– Metroid Other M
– Metroid Prime Trilogy
– Monster Hunter Tri
– No More Heroes 2
– Pandora’s Tower
– Skyward Sword
– Super Mario Galaxy
– Super Mario Galaxy 2
– The Last Story
– Xenoblade Chronicles

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