Best Graphics in Multiplatform Games

by Menashe

Best Graphics Series
-Introduction: What Are Good Graphics?
-Best Graphics in Games on PC
-Best Graphics in Games on PS3
-Best Graphics in Games on Xbox 360
-Best Graphics in Games on Wii
-Best Art Styles in Games
-Best Graphics in Upcoming Games
-10 Best Looking Games Overall this Gen

Here is the biggest list by far. We’ve got a lot of games to cover from this past gen, each with its own reason to be included. Crysis and Crysis 2 are no brainers, as they most likely are the most graphically impressive games from a technical standpoint. Battlefield 3, though, gives them a run for their money, if only for its incredible war realism. Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t look anywhere near as good as BF3 but it still deserves a spot on this list because it does look above-average on its ever evolving engine. The Witcher 2 turned heads around the globe when it first came out so it, no doubt, deserves high praise. Grand Theft Auto IV was once at the top of the charts for graphics, because of its enormous open-world city. With an enhanced mod it still looks quite gorgeous, but Red Dead Redemption is the natural evolution of the open-world engine, and it takes our top spot for this genre. Rage also looks superlative once you patch it. But, let’s fill in the rest of these games in alphabetical order. Alan Wake got a spot on the list due to its lighting effects. Batman Arkham City is one of the most all-around balanced games in terms of good graphics. It does everything right. Bioshock is technically underpar so many years later, but its immersive and atmospheric world is second to none. Borderlands was bold enough to do something different and its cel-shaded effect is enough to separate it from more generic looking games. Bulletstorm had brilliant color and great lighting. Dirt 3 looks beautiful, from sunsets to snow flurries. Enslaved presents a colorful world with smooth animation. Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 have a unique art style that ultimately helps you to ignore its flaws. Just Cause 2 has some really impressive vistas over the island. L.A. Noire is famous for its detailed character models even up close. Mirror’s Edge is an artistic vision enhanced by the occasional tattered fabric, shattered glass, and smoke and fire. Mass Effect 3 wows with colourful, beautifully designed characters and planets. Max Payne 3 is slick, although, sometimes hit or miss. Portal 2 crafted a new world to exist and play inside of, with its own set of rules and dynamics. And lastly, is Trine, which takes your breath away with its scale of warm colors and detail.

If you’re looking for Rayman Origins, Machinarium, Botanicula, or Bastion, you’ll find them in the Best Art Styles list. Here’s the full list of games and screenshots for the Best Graphics in Multiplatform Games:

– Alan Wake
– Batman Arkham City
– Battlefield 3
– Bioshock
– Borderlands
– Bulletstorm
– Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
– Crysis 2
– Crysis 3
– Dirt 3
– Enslaved
– Final Fantasy XIII
– Final Fantasy XIII-2
– Just Cause 2
– L.A. Noire
– Mirror’s Edge
– Mass Effect 3
– Max Payne 3
– Portal 2
– Rage
– Red Dead Redemption
– The Witcher 2
– Trine

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