Best items to Pickpocket in Star Ocean The Second Story R

Star Ocean 2 The Second Story R Pickpocketing Items Guide
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If you’re on the fence about the Pickpocket skill in Star Ocean: The Second Story R, that’s fair. After all, SP is a valuable resource in the game. But here is a brief rundown of the best items you can get with Pickpocketing.

The best items you can pickpocket in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

When you think about Pickpocketing you’d assume it might mean that you can pinch some money or healing items off of NPCs. And that’s true since you can steal plenty of both. But that isn’t all you can take with Pickpocketing. With this specialty you can take weapons, crafting materials, armor, accessories, and even items that can aid your other specialties. So you should be able to see why Pickpocketing is powerful in Star Ocean: The Second Story R.

It’s nearly impossible to list all the worthwhile items you can pickpocket in the game since there are so many. But I’ve managed to find a handful of really solid items in the early parts of the game that can help you get an advantage in Star Ocean: The Second Story R.

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  • Rainbow Diamond – Located in Arlia on Elmyra, the Newlywed Wife
  • Ring of the General (+10% Defence) – Located in Krosse Castle on Prince Clauzer
  • Ring of Sadness (+30% Defence, -30% Attack) – Located in Marze on Cecille
  • Evening Gown (Fantastic midgame armor for Rena) – Located in Linga on Ninay
  • Maiden’s Aria+ (Great weapon for Ashton) – Located in Lacuer on Gamgee
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These are just some of the best items I’ve found via Pickpocketing in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. The Rainbow Diamond in Arlia is a particularly great find as it can lead you to making the Ring of Might which is a fantastic accessory for Claude that will double his attack power. But there are plenty of other items to keep an eye out for as well such as:

  • Item Books
  • Megabombs
  • Food
  • Battle Cards (particularly the Experience Card which doubles EXP rewards after battles)
  • Crafting Materials

My general advice for pickpocketing is to firstly always check important characters for items. They usually have items that are in line with their role in the game. For example, Gamgee is an expert blacksmith so he has a couple of weapons that are worth taking. You also need to be careful about your Friendship level since pickpocketing will gradually reduce this across the board.

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