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Best loadout in Call of Duty Mobile

It's time to lock and load...out!

Likely the most accessible of the COD franchise for newer gamers, Call of Duty: Mobile takes the fan-favorite FPS game to the screen of your mobile phone!

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Filled with classic game modes and a couple of new ones, too, it’s sure to bring you hours of entertainment.

Call of Duty: Mobile is all about fast-paced competition in an unforgiving environment, and choosing the best equipment for your preferred playstyle can make all of the difference. Depending on your skill level, the guns you have could mean the difference between life and death, especially in a game as intense as this one. In this guide we will cover the best loadout around in the game, so continue reading to learn more!

What is the best loadout for any player?

Players have a wide variety of different primary weapons, sidearms, and alternative equipment to choose from in the game, so it’s important that their loadout synergizes well and that each weapon chosen helps to cover shortcomings from the others.

The primary gun

COD Mobile AK-47
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The favorite pick of many professional Call of Duty: Mobile players, the AK-47 is an all-time classic. For the next couple lists, bear in mind that ADS stands for ‘Aiming Down Sights’. We recommend that you choose the gun with the perk and attachments listed below:

  • OWC Tactical Laser – You will get a visible laser sight which helps you to pinpoint your targets more accurately, and your ADS speed and the ADS bullet spread accuracy of your gun also get a buff.
  • Full Metal Jacket Perk– Your gun will deal increased damage to enemy killstreaks and equipment.
  • Stippled Grip Tape – This attachment helps raise your character’s sprint-to-fire speed as well as your ADS speed, both of which help improve your reaction time and the ability to pop off shots quickly.
  • Strike Foregrip Underbarrel – Although this attachment will slow you down a little bit, it gives you superior recoil control and an improved ADS bullet spread accuracy. Since the AK-47 has quite a kickback, this attachment is a must-have for players serious about winning.

The secondary gun (sidearm)

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The MW11 is a light and versatile sidearm that boasts a very high Mobility stat, clocking in at 100. Although its control suffers with a lower stat of 39, the MW11 remains a great secondary due to how quickly you can move with it drawn. Here are our recommended attachments:

  • MIP Light Flash Guard – This handy muzzle will help to keep you stealthy when you’re trying to take potshots at enemies in the heat of battle!
  • OWC Tactical Laser – Just like the AK-47 above, this laser will give you a visible sight towards your target while also increasing your ADS speed and ADS bullet spread accuracy.
  • Ammunition (15-Round Reload) – The name pretty much speaks for itself, but be sure to equip this attachment for extra rounds!
  • Stippled Grip Tape – Again, similar to the AK-47 we already suggested above, this rear grip attachment will help you to fire faster from a dead sprint and will also give your ADS speed a buff.

Equipment to bring

There are two different equipment items we suggest that you take with you to have the best loadout possible in Call of Duty: Mobile. The first is the flash grenade, which is a great mechanism for destruction and havoc. Take out opponents hiding in a room with extreme prejudice using this explosive device.

The second recommendation we have for this part of your loadout is called the Trophy System, and its an autonomous defense system that destroys explosives when they come towards you. It has a radius of 40 and deals 60 damage, but your enemies can take it down by firing at it as well. Therefore, make sure to place it in an area with cover so that it can’t be destroyed so easily.

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