Best Moves In Palworld For Combat
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Best Moves in Palworld for Combat

What moves stand above the rest?

If you’re anything like me, you get your butt kicked a lot in Palworld and die while trying to catch Pals or go toe to toe with the humans. But some of you are not me and are better at optimizing teams, which begs the question – what are the best moves in Palworld for combat?

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Best Active Skills for Combat in Palworld

The most powerful move in the entire game is Beegarde’s 200-power neutral move Bee Quiet, but it comes at the cost of a 55-second cooldown. Similar moves with 150-180 power have the same cooldown time. This makes Bee Quiet the most optimal and powerful high cooldown move.

Beegarde Stats In Palworld
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However, low cooldown moves are a lot more optimal for maximum damage output. For example, you have moves like Reckless Charge, a 55-power attack that recharges in only two seconds, or Punch Flurry, a 40-power move with only a one-second recharge. That’s a lot more damage in the time it takes a high-powered move to recharge.

Your powerful mount Pal, in particular, benefits from being able to cycle through three quick recharge moves. This way you can continuously spam while you’re in control for a more optimal output of damage. Some good picks are Poison Blast, Air Cannon, Fireball, Ice Spike, and any of the Tornado attacks.

Multi-hit Pal combat moves

The last factor in considering active skill optimization is multi-hit moves such as Stone Blast or Tri-Lightning. Tri-Lightning has a 22-second cooldown, but it has 90 power that hits three times in a row, making it 270 power in 22 seconds. Stone Blast is 55 power with a 10-second cooldown but has a wide range of effects, optimal for taking out groups of enemies at once if you happen to get swarmed.

In short, the best moves in Palworld for combat are somewhat situational. However, in most situations, it’s best to aim for low cooldown times for decent power. This especially goes if the Pal is your mounted companion you can manually control for constant damage output. Experiment with the flow and damage output of different configurations until your Pals are doing the best damage possible.

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