Should you take Adam's hand in Stellar Blade? Both outcomes explained
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Should you take Adam’s hand in Stellar Blade? Both outcomes, explained

Do you trust him?

The final mission in Stellar Blade has the player make an important decision of whether to grab Adam’s hand or not. Before you decide, read this guide to learn about both outcomes.

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Stellar Blade: Should you take Adam’s hand?

Deciding whether to take Adam’s hand or not is incredibly important in Stellar Blade as it will determine which ending you receive and the final boss you go up against. There are a total of three endings to Stellar Blade: Return to the Colony, Cost of Lost Memories, and Making New Memories. 

Take Adam’s Hand in Stellar Blade

What happens when you take Adam's hand in Stellar Blade?
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Taking Adam’s hand creates the possibility of receiving the “Cost of Lost Memories” or the “Making New Memories” endings. Which one you receive depends on whether you filled Lily’s collectibles bar to 100% throughout your playthrough. 

Completing Lily’s collectibles bar and taking Adam’s hand will result in the Making New Memories ending. Not filling up Lily’s collectibles bar and taking Adam’s hand will result in the Cost of Lost Memories ending. Spoiler alert: Below is a brief overview of what occurs in each ending.

  • Cost of Lost Memories ending: After defeating Lily’s Exosuit, Lily will die in the process. Mother Sphere will appear and be upset with the outcome, leading to an endless fight of robots until the screen fades to black.
  • Making New Memories ending: Lily will survive in this ending. Eve and Lily will return to the colony to insert the last Hyper Cell to restore Xion back to a healthy state.

Also, you will go up against Lily’s Exosuit in the final boss battle. This is because the Exosuit takes control and Lily has no way to stop it.

Don’t take Adam’s hand in Stellar Blade

Refusing Adam’s offer and not taking his hand will always lead to the “Return to the Colony” ending. For this ending, you will go up against Elder Naytiba in the final boss battle. Spoiler alert: Below you can find a quick summary of the ending.

  • Return to the Colony ending: After the Elder Naytiba boss fights, Eve stabs Adam through the heart. Mother Sphere appears to congratulate Eve and Lily on their mission success, as they are transported to space to discover an Earth-looking planet surrounded by mechanical rings.

That’s all there is to know about taking Adam’s hand in Stellar Blade. To prepare yourself for new game plus, check out our best build for Eve. We cover the best Exospines, gear, and skills!

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