Best RAM-9 loadout for MW3 Warzone

Best RAM-9 loadout for MW3 Warzone
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you’ve played Warzone lately, you’ll know the Ram-7 Assault Rifle is an overwhelming force on the battlefield. Season 2 has introduced the Ram-9 SMG, hoping to replicate that same dominance. If you’re wondering how to build it, let me show you the best RAM-9 loadout for MW3 Warzone.

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Best RAM-9 attachments in Warzone

The RAM-9 is a punchy SMG but can be tricky to control with its kick and recoil. We aim to improve these stats while retaining mobility with our attachments.

  • Barrel: Armistice Light Barrel
  • Stock: HVS 3.4 Pad
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Heavy Support Grip
  • Magazine: 50 Round Mag
  • Muzzle: Sonic Suppressor S

Armistice Light Barrel

SMGs always benefit from a movement speed boost as it makes you harder to hit in close quarters. The Armistice Light barrel is an easy way to buff our mobility stats, although we take a minor penalty to Recoil Control. The RAM-9 has a noticeable kick, so we work Recoil Reduction into the build elsewhere.

HVS 3.4 Pad

The HVS 3.4 Pad Stock gives us a respectable 13% reduction in Gun Kick, which makes the RAM-9 much more controllable. We also gain a slight improvement in horizontal and vertical Recoil Control.

Bruen Heavy Support Grip

The Bruen Heavy Support Grip is fantastic, giving noticeable buffs to Gun Kick and Horizontal Recoil Control. The downside is we take a minor penalty to ADS speed. I don’t find the penalty to be a big issue with the RAM-9, but the DR-6 Handstop is a solid alternative if you prefer maximum mobility.

50 Round Mag

Extended magazines feel like a requirement in Warzone, as any decent player will always have full armor before they battle you. The RAM-9 eats through 50 rounds pretty quickly, but it should be enough for you to engage multiple foes if you’re landing your shots. 

Sonic Suppressor S

Finally, I’m a big fan of suppressors as I don’t like being visible on the map whenever I fire my gun. The Sonic Suppressor S is a superb muzzle for stealth plays and increases the RAM-9’s effective range as an added bonus. If you don’t mind showing up on the radar, the new ZEHMN35 Compensator is a worthy alternative for more control.

Best RAM-9 throwables and perks

Best RAM-9 loadout for MW3 Warzone
Screenshot: PC Invasion

While the RAM-9 is a decent SMG, many of your engagements in Warzone will be long-range. The RAM-9 fills more of a support role with my playstyle, and I swap to it for indoor combat. You can use your Assault Rifle of choice or Sniper Rifle to cover ranges where your SMG falls short.

Recommended throwables

  • Frag Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade

Frag Grenades are always a solid option because you can cook them and remove your opponent’s ability to react. I feel like a broken record with the tactical recommendation, but Smoke Grenades are the most potent throwables in Warzone. Nothing else allows you to create cover out of thin air, and smoke can be used to traverse open ground and revive squad mates.

Perks are very playstyle-dependent, and there are many good options. Still, here’s what I use:

  • Sleight of Hand
  • Battle Hardened
  • Tempered 
  • High Alert

These perks complement an aggressive playstyle. High Alert lets me know when I’m being aimed at, and Tempered means I can quickly refill my vest. I do like Ghost for the UAV immunity, but High Alert has saved me countless times and works well with the extra movement speed from our SMG.

I’ve sung the RAM-7’s praise, but have you built one yet? If you haven’t, check out our guide for the attachments.

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