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Best settings for MultiVersus on PC: Performance and graphics, explained

I run it on a Samsung Smart Fridge.

If you’re experiencing lag in MultiVersus it is most likely because you have low-optimized PC settings for performance. Check out these settings to get the best from MultiVersus and some nice smooth gameplay.

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The best graphics settings in MultiVersus

Being a fighting game, you cannot have lag when playing. This will result in missed combos which results in lost matches. So, if you have a PC that is struggling a bit, tweak the game’s settings.

Low-end PC and high FPS settings

If you’re on a laptop or a low-end PC, try these settings in MultiVersus. These are the settings that will cause the biggest strain on your machine. A quick way to adjust all the graphics settings for a low-end PC in MultiVersus is to simply change the Quality preset to Medium and then Low if you’re still experiencing lag.

Best settings for MultiVersus on PC: Performance and graphics, explained
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • One Frame Input Lag – This is perfect for older PCs and will allow for one frame of delay with inputs making it easier to combo with a little lag in MultiVersus. However, turn this off if you have a good PC.
  • Resolution Quality – This is one of the best things you can switch up in your MultiVersus settings. Using the drop down you can select between good FPS or Quality. Take my advice, and go for the Best Speed setting. You need all the performance you can get.
  • V Sync – Unless you explicitly have a V Sync enabled monitor, turn this off. It can cause screen tearing and lag.
  • Texture Quality – Low
  • Shadow Quality – Low
  • Dynamic Resolution – On
  • Window Mode – I find that Windowed Fullscreen is often the best for reducing lag and improving performance on MultiVersus and other games.

High-end PC lag settings for MultiVersus

If you’re running a high-end PC, you needn’t worry too much about the settings in MultiVersus. The game isn’t a huge strain, but if you’re still experiencing lag, I would take a look at some of the settings to check which one is giving you grief.

Ensure V Sync is switched off if you don’t have a V Sync-enabled monitor. Another thing to take note of, even on high-end machines, is network issues. The game may sometimes have a few server issues, or your connection may be a little spotty.

In this case, take a look at your Ping. If it is outside of the green and into yellow or even red, the game servers are struggling. You may need to wait for the servers to be fixed or for fewer people to play MultiVersus simultaneously. This is one of the main causes of lag currently in MultiVersus.

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