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How to get Prestige points in Multiversus

Looking good means you have to do hard work.

While unlocking Agent Smith can be earned in a few ways — and they’re all free — you’ll need Prestige if you want unique skins. If you read along, we’ll show you how to get those Prestige Points in MultiVersus. 

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MultiVersus: How to get Prestige Points 

There’s an in-game economy filled with different currencies for different things. As mentioned, Prestige Points are for cosmetics. To earn these points simply play MultiVersus and unlock or buy cosmetics. For every cosmetic you have, there’s a certain amount of Prestige Points to earn

This might seem like a slow method to earn these points, which it is. However, there is a faster way to get Prestige Points.

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Quick ways to earn Prestige Points in MultiVersus

If you have not noticed, cosmetics like many items are broken down into rarity tiers.

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Each rarity will yield a different amount of Prestige Points. For example, for Common and Uncommon, you’ll earn a low amount. But the higher you go, and start hitting Epic and Legendary rarities, you’ll start getting even more points. This method will require tons of grinding because landing on the last two rarities has a lower chance, at least at the start. 

You can also earn the points through other means such as what item you have unlocked like emotes and ringouts

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Since MultiVersus is a live service game, there will be events littered throughout its lifespan. These events may be another great method besides earning Legendary cosmetics. The reason is it’s more of a guarantee to get Prestige Points. So when these events appear, I suggest doing them first. That way, you’ll not only earn exclusive variants of many characters, but you’ll also get a high amount of Prestige Points

The premium Battle Pass of MultiVersus might be another way to earn Prestige Points.

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