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Best Shining Glitter Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Shining Glitter Cookie is a great Magic unit.

Did you pull Shining Glitter Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom? As a Super Epic Cookie, she’s a step above the typical Epic units that most players are used to. She’s already powerful to begin with, but the right Toppings can make her even better.

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Since Shining Glitter Cookie is a Magic unit for the Middle position, she’s going to be one of your team’s key damage dealers. Her skill applies the Glittering Rock Spirit buff to your team which grants them a Critical Damage Resist buff. When the song gets a Critical hit, it will Zap the targeted enemy and ignore their Damage Resist stat. After 12 Critical hits, your team will get an even bigger Critical Damage Resist buff as a bonus.

As such, Shining Glitter Cookie’s main use is her Glittering Rock Spirit buff. Her Toppings should prioritize Cooldown and Critical Chance, so there are really just two sets that you should be running with Shining Glitter Cookie.

Juicy Apple Jelly Build

Since Shining Glitter Cookie’s buff gets even stronger if you can land enough Critical hits, the Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings are the best for her. These grant a huge boost to Critical Chance, so you should use five of them. For Bonus Effect substats, prioritize Attack to keep her damage output as high as possible.

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With Shining Glitter Cookie’s Critical Chance as high as possible, she’ll be able to land more Critical hits when her buff is active, meaning that your team will have a very strong Critical Damage Resist buff active most of the time.

Swift Chocolate Build

Another set of Toppings that works well with Shining Glitter Cookie’s buff is Swift Chocolate. These Toppings boost her Cooldown stat, letting her apply the Glittering Rock Spirit buff much more frequently. You can use five of these to make her Cooldown as low as possible, but mixing in a few Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings is the best strategy to ensure you get frequent Critical hits during combat.

As is the case with most damage-dealing Cookies, you can also mix in Searing Raspberry Toppings whenever you want if you don’t have enough Juicy Apple Jelly or Swift Chocolate Toppings. This is a safe choice since Searing Raspberry Toppings just increases the Attack stat. Make sure to look for Critical Chance and Cooldown as the Bonus Effects on these Toppings, though.

Since she’s a Super Epic Cookie, Shining Glitter Cookie will be better than most of the Cookies on your roster by default. Still, Epic Cookies have a good chance of matching her damage output, especially if they’re top-tier choices like Captain Caviar.

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