Best Sung Jinwoo Build In Solo Leveling
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Best Sung Jinwoo build in Solo Leveling Arise: Skills, Arifacts, Stats, weapons

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As the main character, Sung Jinwoo is an important character to build. Here’s the best build for Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling: Arise by looking at the best Skills, Stats, Artifacts, and weapons to use.

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Solo Leveling Arise: Best Sung Jinwoo Skills

Depending on Jinwoo’s Job, he’ll have new Skills to play with. If you’re looking for the best Skills to deal the most amount of damage to enemies, you should go for Dagger Toss or Double Slash.

Best Sung Jinwoo Build In Solo Leveling Skills
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Double Slash inflicts a good amount of damage in melee range, and it’s even better with the Whirlwind Rush Rune that sends enemies airborne while stunning them. Dagger Toss is an incredible ranged Skill that can be buffed significantly with either the Electric Shock (inflicts a damaging debuff) or Detonation Rune (burns with Fire damage).

If you’re looking for a great Break skill, I’d go with Death Dance since it inflicts some serious Break damage. The Light version is the best since it can increase your Critical Hit damage as well as knock down the enemy and reset your Commander’s Touch cooldown.

Best Stats for Sung Jinwoo

Stats play an important part of any character’s build, especially for Sung Jinwoo. The most important Stats to focus on for Jinwoo have to be Strength, Agility, and Perception.

  • Strength: Increases attacks.
  • Agility: Increases Critical Hit damage.
  • Perception: Increases Precision and minimum damage dealt to enemies.
Best Sung Jinwoo Build In Solo Leveling Stats
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Strength is the first Stat you should focus on since it’ll upgrade Jinwoo’s basic attack damage. Agility is also important since it’ll allow you to deal significantly more damage upon earning a Critical Hit. Perception may be overlooked but you should pay attention to it, this will increase your minimum damage dealt to enemies which is just another way to help improve damage.

Best Artifacts for Sung Jinwoo

Artifacts are more ways to upgrade your characters’ builds, and Jinwoo has a few solid options available. When looking for the best armor set, go for the High-Ranking Demon set or the Hard Leather set.

  • High Ranking Demon set
    • 2-piece: Power Gauge Acquisition Rate increases by 20%.
    • 4-piece: At the start of battle, Power Gauge charges by 50% and increases the player and party’s Power Gauge Acquisition Rate by 20%
  • Hard Leather set
    • 2-piece: Critical Hit Rate increases by 8%.
    • 4-piece: Critical Hit damage increases by 32%.

The High Ranking Demon set is the number one Artifact set for Jinwoo simply because it helps lower the cooldown for his Ultimate. Then with the 4-piece set, you get an extra boost in Jinwoo’s Power Gauge, and give him and the party a higher Power Gauge Acquisition Rate.

I also like the Hard Leather set since it allows Jinwoo to inflict more damage and become a better DPS. I’d go for the Hard Leather set until you’re able to earn the High Ranking Demon Artifacts.

Best Sung Jinwoo Build In Solo Leveling Weapons
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Best weapons for Sung Jinwoo

There are plenty of unique weapons in Sung Jinwoo’s arsenal, you just have to unlock them first. At a certain point, you can unlock a second weapon to wield, making Jinwoo’s build even more powerful. Overall, I recommend keeping The Huntsman, the Demon King’s Longsword, and the Demonic Plum Flower Sword.

The HuntsmanLightWhen the user uses Judgement Time, activates their Core Attack.

When the user uses Judgement Time, their Core Attack is changed to Time to Hunt for 6 seconds and increases damage by 60%.

When the user’s Basic Attack, Core Attack, or Time to Hunt hits targets within 4m, it increases damage by 50%.
Demon King’s LongswordWindWhen Lightning is used, it applies a Shield and the user performs a Counterattack. A Stun and Storm of White Flames effect are applied upon a successful Counterattack.
Demonic Plum Flower SwordDarkAfter Plum Flower: Swift Flight is used, the user applies the Plum Flower effect. (Plum Flower: Increases CRIT Hit DMG by 12% (stacking up to 3 times))

After successfully performing a Dash followed by Plum Flower: Swift Flight, they apply Full Bloom effect. (Full Bloom: Increases the usage speed of Plum Flower: Swift Flight by 20%. The user’s Attack and CRIT Hit Rate increases by 4%.)

The Hunstman is an SSR weapon that can deal significant damage from afar. Its skills help Jinwoo increase his damage output, even just by using the basic attack. Then we have the Demon King’s Longsword, another SSR weapon that allows you to Shield against a Lightning attack and Counterattack back. It also Stuns the enemy, making this a situational but powerful weapon.

Finally, you should look out for the Demonic Plum Flower Sword (SSR). While the Plum Flower effect increases Jinwoo’s Critical Hit damage significantly, Full Bloom allows you to receive the Plum Flower effect faster while also increasing his Critical Hit Rate.

Hopefully, this build guide for Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling: Arise was able to aid you in creating the best build for your game. Other than Jinwoo, you can also bring along Hunters and create builds for them, but looking at a Hunter tier list would make choosing the right Hunters easier.

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