10 Best Vaults In Fallout That You Could Survive In Ranked
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10 best Vaults in Fallout that you could survive in, ranked

Nah, I'd survive.

Although Fallout players are familiar with the most terrible Vaults, what about the nicer Vaults? After watching the show you may be itching to learn more about the Fallout games. Here are the 10 best Fallout Vaults that you could survive in, ranked from least to most likely chance of survival.

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Fallout: 10 best Vaults that you could most likely survive in, ranked

10. Vault 106

10 Best Vaults In Fallout That You Could Survive In Ranked Vault 106
Image: Fallout Wiki

The bottom of our list is still a Vault I think you could survive in, but the chances are a little slimmer than the rest. Vault 106 shows up in Fallout 3 and was the Vault where the occupants were exposed to psychoactive drugs through the air filtration system just 10 days after the door was sealed.

The residents were lied to, making the effects that the inhabitants soon felt even worse. There were symptoms of being delirious, seeing hallucinations, and acts of violence. By the time you visit this Vault in Fallout 3, the Vault Dwellers have all gone insane. But if you were one of these survivors you’d probably get used to this state of mind, not too bad right?

9. Vault 34

Vault 34
Image: Fallout Wiki

In Fallout: New Vegas you get the chance to learn about Vault 34. The experiment carried out in this Vault was having their armory overstocked with weapons and ammo. This fostered a huge gun culture, but it wasn’t as terrible as it may sound. By the time you find this place, there are still residents living inside of it, except they have become feral ghouls.

The problem with Vault 34 came with overpopulation and when the overseer was able to lock the armory through their terminal. This made many of the inhabitants angry, demanding the right to defend themselves. After riots broke out and the majority of the residents left the Vault, a new group came in and overtook Vault 34. A few years passed and eventually, the population attempted to storm the armory, damaging infrastructure in the process and making radiation leak into the Vault. Besides radiation poisoning, perhaps you’d live a decent life here (compared to the other terrible Vaults).

8. Vault 21

10 Best Vaults In Fallout That You Could Survive In Ranked Vault 21
Image: Fallout Wiki

Vault 21 was originally hidden under Las Vegas but was then designed as a hotel and casino. This is a huge Vault in Fallout: New Vegas that was able to successfully keep its residents protected and healthy. If there were any conflicts, it’d be solved through gambling.

This Vault had a ton of space and resources, but things changed once Mr. House managed to take over the Vault through a game of Blackjack in 2274. After winning the game, Mr. House transformed the Vault into a hotel for his city of New Vegas, forcing residents to leave. Doesn’t seem like a bad Vault to live in, especially once it turned into a hotel.

7. Vault 94

Vault 94
Image: Fallout Wiki

This Vault appears in Fallout 76 and was originally designed to inhabit non-violent residents to test how they’d react to post-apocalyptic survivors. Sounds all nice and perfect when you hear about its values of nonviolence, community, and ecological balance, right? Well, in 2078 the Vault reopened and ambassadors were allowed to open the Vault door and invite people from the wasteland into the Vault.

We can all expect what’s about to happen with this. The Vault Dwellers inside Vault 94 were massacred when one ambassador invited the survivors from Harpers Ferry. At least you’d have a nice life here if you were a part of the new group of residents!

6. Vault 101

Vault 101
Image: Fallout Wiki

You’ll probably recognize Vault 101 as the home of the Lone Wanderer, the main protagonist in Fallout 3. The purpose of Vault 101 was to have the Vault doors closed forever to study how an overseer would handle residents who could never leave. This didn’t go exactly as planned, as the Vault door was opened plenty of times.

Vault 101 eventually was invaded by radroaches, which led to your character leaving the Vault to go after their father, James. Seeing as the only issues that came with Vault 101 were the radroaches and the eventual Vault overseer’s strict dictatorship, you’d probably survive in Vault 101 and live a long, decent life.

5. Vault 15

10 Best Vaults In Fallout That You Could Survive In Ranked Vault 15
Image: Fallout Wiki

Vault 15 was designed to consist of a population of radically diverse ideologies to study how they interacted and got along with each other. The plan was to keep it sealed for 50 years, but as the years passed the conditions inside the Vault worsened. Without population control, there was high overpopulation, and by 2097 things took a turn for the worse.

After a huge division separated the Vault Dwellers, the Vault door opened and a majority of them left, taking the best resources and equipment with them. You can imagine how tough it’d be to try to continue living inside the nearly-empty Vault. It was eventually raided by bandits, leaving it to be abandoned.

4. Vault 81

10 Best Vaults In Fallout That You Could Survive In Ranked Vault 81
Image: Fallout Wiki

Vault 81 makes an appearance in Fallout 4 and is one of the few active Vaults. The purpose of this Vault was to use the inhabitants as test subjects to experiment with a variety of diseases. The reason why this Vault continues to be a success is due to the original overseer refusing to engage in these experiments.

There were two separate groups of Vault Dwellers here, one was for the normal and healthy inhabitants, and the other was for inhabitants to be exposed to diseases. But luckily this never came to pass, so you could very likely live a solid life in this Vault.

3. Vault 13

Vault 13
Image: Fallout Wiki

You learn about Vault 13 through Fallout and Fallout 2. It was able to support up to 1,000 inhabitants and it included around 100 living spaces. Despite the high population, Vault 13 was quite tame and was designed to hold a control group sealed indefinitely until the Enclave needed them.

Vault 13 was meant to stay shut for 200 years to study prolonged isolation. The only real problem that came with Vault 13 was their water chip malfunctioning, leading the main protagonist of the original Fallout game to leave the Vault and find a replacement. Seems like one of the most decent Vaults to live in.

2. Vault 76

Vault 76
Image: Fallout Wiki

Vault 76 was a control Vault seen in Fallout 76 with a max capacity of 500 inhabitants. Vault 76 was originally designed to house America’s finest and smartest people. There were military members, university students, and even the Chief of Staff from the White House.

If you lived in Vault 76, you had a great life with fully furnished apartments and even a color television. It took 25 years for the Vault to open on Reclamation Day, but the situation inside the Vault deteriorated and most residents didn’t want to leave. Unfortunately, they were forced to leave the Vault despite the incredible conditions inside the Vault.

1. Vault 8

10 Best Vaults In Fallout That You Could Survive In Ranked Vault 8
Image: Fallout Wiki

Vault 8 takes the first place spot due to the best living conditions and survivability. Throughout Fallout 2, you can come across Vault 8, a control Vault meant to re-colonize the wasteland just 10 years after being sealed. Fortunately for them, Vault 8 accidentally received the wrong shipment and earned hundreds of water chips originally meant to go to Vault 13.

Instead of 10 years later, it took 14 years to open the Vault doors which was instructed by the Enclave. The residents managed to create a working city outside of the Vault, and by the time you explored it in 2241, the Vault was mainly used for storage. This is the most successful Vault that I’d prefer living in or even the city outside of it.

Hopefully, you agreed with my ranked list of the 10 best Vaults in Fallout that you could most likely survive in. But would you agree with our list of the best Fallout games, ranked from worst to best?

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