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Best way to get Blitz Shield kills in XDefiant

Maybe the best offence is a better defence.

There are a few ways to kill your foes in XDefiant, but one of my favorite ways has become using the Blitz Shield. Here’s how to do it.

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What are Blitz Shield kills in XDefiant?

I initially thought that Blitz Shield kills in XDefiant were a result of doing something special with the shield. After a whole game of trying to figure it out – I realized the solution was extremely simple. You simply must melee attack whilst the shield is active.

You’ll want to get these to unlock Rhino, a Phantoms faction character.

Unlock Rhino Xdefiant
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When choosing your character, either before or during a game, pick a Phantoms character and select the Blitz Shield. When activating it, you’ll have a limited time to use it to get your kills, so you’ll have to choose your moments efficiently.

You’ll only have the Blitz Shield up for 15 seconds before it is automatically withdrawn. There is a 30-second cooldown for the Blitz Shield, but this starts the moment you pull it out. So if you keep it up for all 15 seconds, you’ll only have 15 seconds left.

As you can’t spam it for constant Blitz Shield kills, you’ll be progressing toward this over some games.

To get Rhino most efficiently, you’ll need to know the best way to get Blitz Shield kills in XDefiant.

Best ways to get Blitz Shield kills in XDefiant

Efficiently getting Blitz Shield skills largely depends on your skill, but there are game modes and methods that will really help you out.

Shield Bash Xdefiant
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From my experience, the best game mode to get Blitz Shield kills is Occupy. This is because every player on both teams will be funneling toward one objective point almost at all times.

This allows for moments where you’ve got the shield up and are facing a handful of enemy fighters in a corridor. All it takes is for you to charge at them spamming your melee button. You’ll at least get a kill or two – or wipe them out if you’re good enough.

As it takes a couple of hits to take down an enemy, you’ve merely got to catch up to a player or surprise them and they shouldn’t be able to escape. But be careful, as the enemies in my games always wise up to my antics in the late game and develop more ingenious ways to evade me and exploit my weaknesses.

Even on open maps, being able to take a more aggressive stance does pay off for getting Blitz Shield Kills. Knowing where your enemies are going to end up and flanking them with a shield allows you to catch them by surprise and get some bashing done. It also renders you almost invincible, so you can go ahead and pull off ridiculous plays.

With other game modes, your enemies will be less predictable, as they’ll have more points they could prioritize. Naturally, this does take the heat off of some spots, so for a less intense experience you could choose to play Domination and flank and surprise any opponents who are going after a point or defending a point.

Now that you know the best way to get Blitz Shield kills in XDefiant, you’ll unlock Rhino in no time. Who’s next? Rafa, maybe?

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